How to negotiate with a decoration company?

2021-03-31 18:57:49 • by deer hadware
How to negotiate with a decoration company?

Negotiations with the decoration company can to a certain extent understand their basic spending ratio, and good negotiation can reduce expenses.

1. Choose the company's quotation method

In general, there are two ways to quote a decoration company.
First, the owner reports how much money he wants to invest, and the decoration company starts designing and quoting based on the owner's requirements;
Second, the owner puts forward specific requirements for room decoration, and the decoration company will report how much it will cost to fulfill the owner's requirements. The best way is to directly tell the decoration company how much money you plan to spend and what effect you want to achieve when you start contact with the decoration company, and see if they accept it.

2. Renovation costs must be done within the limits

For home renovation, each resident should first know how much money he spends on renovation, that is, how much he can do and how big things he can do. Consumers should be rational during the decoration process, and should not exceed their actual ability, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble to themselves.

3. Not just look at the price

Not just look at the price

When looking for a decoration company, it is generally recommended that you choose a well-known and reputable formal decoration company, because the formal decoration company will do a reasonable design of the entire house for you according to your investment amount, so that there will be a certain degree of protection after the decoration is completed. . If you choose "individual builders", it may be that the price is very cheap, but they often have no formal training and cannot guarantee the quality of your decoration. The home improvement problem cannot be solved afterwards.

4. Make appropriate bargaining after confirming the budget in advance

Consumers must set aside enough time for the design, materials, inquiry prices and their own budget before the decoration. After determining a reasonable investment in the decoration in advance, the next thing is to bargain the total quotation of the decoration company, but It should be noted that the home improvement company will definitely make a certain profit in it. If consumers bargain too much, they will suffer in the end. Home improvement companies will ensure the existence of their own profits in various ways. Even at the expense of the quality of decoration. Therefore, bargaining must be done well, and it must be learned to stop in moderation.

5. Determine the price and amount of materials

Regarding the design of the house, you should let the decoration company understand your specific requirements, and then conduct on-site measurements according to your requirements. After the measurement is completed, the company will give you the design drawing and a detailed quotation, which lists very specific materials and construction quantities. After you get the decoration materials, you must first see whether the design meets your requirements. The owner can of course ask the designer to explain the design plan, such as the treatment of some spaces and the application of materials. After confirming the design plan, we must carefully examine whether the price and quantity of each item in the quotation are reasonable.

TIPS decoration tips
The quality of decoration depends largely on the quality of the construction team. Therefore, before the decoration, the owner should also check the construction team used by the decoration company. The owner can judge whether the construction team has the corresponding quality from the tools used by the workers

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