What to pay attention to when signing a decoration contract?

2021-03-31 19:59:28 • by deer hadware
What to pay attention to when signing a decoration contract?

When the budget and design are satisfied, it is time to sign a contract with the decoration company. If you are decorating a house for the first time, then you need to add more common sense of decoration.

1. Need for clear content

-Be sure to read more information to ensure that you sign a clear and understandable decoration contract.

1.1 Clarify the identity of the parties to the contract

The decoration house of the contracting party in the decoration contract should be a legal residential house, that is, a property right house or a leased house; the contractor should be an enterprise legal person who has been approved and registered by the administrative department for industry and commerce and has the qualification for decoration and construction by the construction department .

1.2 Clarify construction content and contracting methods

The construction content includes the decoration project location, area and specific construction projects. These terms should be as detailed as possible against the construction drawings. There are three main ways of contracting, including labor and materials (full package), labor and materials, and labor and materials. The owner can choose one of the contracting methods that suits him according to his own situation and agree on whether to allow subcontracting or subcontracting.

1.3 Clarify the construction period

The start and completion dates are one of the indispensable contents of the contract, which often involve the determination of the liability for breach of contract, so it should be clearly stated in the contract and strictly abide by it. For a two-bedroom room of 100 square meters, the construction period is about 35 days for simple decoration. The decoration company usually sets the construction period to 45 to 50 days for insurance. If you are anxious to move in, you can talk to the designer when you sign the contract. Clarify this clause. But it is best not to set the decoration period too short, so that you can make a more comprehensive guarantee for the quality of your decoration.

1.4 Clear price

The total price in the contract includes material costs, labor costs, management costs, design costs, garbage removal freight, other costs and taxes. The tax is borne by the owner, which is a special requirement of the decoration industry.

1.5 Clear payment method

Decoration costs can be paid in two ways: one-time payment or instalment payment according to progress. You need to specify the specific payment time and amount in the contract, and keep part of the decoration costs until the project acceptance is completed, so that your project maintenance will be guaranteed. The general decoration contract stipulates a down payment of 60%, 35% after the woodworker has passed the acceptance check, and 5% after the completion of the work. If you calculate according to this form of payment, after half of the construction period, you have already paid 95% of the total payment to the decoration company. If something goes wrong in the later stage of the decoration, it will be difficult to restrict the decoration on the money. Company. Therefore, it is recommended that when signing the contract, the down payment must be reduced to 30%, and the mid-term payment must be 30%.

1.6 Clarify who should bear the costs incurred during construction

During the decoration process, water, electricity, gas, etc. will be used for on-site construction. Generally, until the end of the project, the water and electricity costs add up to a large number. Who should pay for this cost should also be specified in the contract.

Loopholes in the contract

2. Loopholes in the contract

Pay attention to the following details when signing the contract, and don't let the home improvement company influence your judgment.

2.1 Irregular decoration contract

The decoration contracts adopted by many decoration companies are not standardized. They are not unified home decoration contracts, but are made by the decoration companies themselves. Such contracts are generally unequal, and most of the responsibilities stipulated are the responsibility of the owner. Therefore, the owners are reminded that in order to reduce home improvement disputes, they must sign a formal decoration contract with the decoration company.

2.2 The process and practices in the contract are not clear

In various types of contracts, consumers often do not understand which content should be required, and which content needs to be signed with the operator in detail in the contract. This often results in incomplete writing of some content in the contract, which makes it more difficult to protect rights after the fact. However, some operators write the content of the contract very simply, with only simple project names, material varieties, prices and quantities, and no key craftsmanship. These uncertain factors will bring a lot of troubles to the future construction and acceptance, and will open the door for a few irregular decoration companies to cut corners and materials.

2.3 The trap of low quotes

Some consumers only look at the company's decoration offer when choosing a company. Many home improvement companies take advantage of this psychology of consumers and make a big fuss when quoting. In fact, the price on the budget is inseparable from the selection of materials and the process. Simply comparing prices and choosing the lowest-priced decoration company will often bring you irreparable losses. When you look at the quotation of the budget, you must take into account the brand, model, and construction process of the material in order to get a more objective evaluation.

2.4 Area only data error

Some decoration companies will deliberately build the construction area in the budget to obtain higher profits. "On the wall in Duowu County, a few decoration companies will paint the area specially. Therefore, when the owner signs the contract, he will have more schools-if you are not afraid of hard work, you can measure the area size of the single item with the decoration company or the foreman. , And write it down and put it on paper. And it is clear that the total price of a single item is less text, as an attachment to the contract. Avoid losing in vain because you are not serious.

2.5 Add items at will

Some decoration companies or foremen will deliberately discard some obvious projects when quoting, and then "add" projects after signing the contract and quoting the price.

2.6 Discount trap

Some decoration companies use discounts to tempt consumers when making contracts. These companies will add a lot of clauses to the contract, no reduction in the price, change the item to pay the penalty, so you must pay attention to signing the contract.

2.7 Unreasonable billing

Some decoration companies always add some unreasonable fees in their budgets. And according to the principle of "whoever manages, who pays the tax", the taxes and fees of the decoration company should not be paid by those who have the fees. Separate calculation of "profit" is based on the calculation method of public building decoration quotation. At present, the decoration company has allocated the profit to each construction, so it should not be double-calculated.

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