What are the specific steps for the placement of flowers in the living room?

2021-04-22 15:48:55 • by deer hadware

The main style of the living room usually depends on the color, style or style of the large area elements. When deciding flower materials, you can choose the appropriate flower based on the one item. For example, the sofa is fresh green, and the pillow is fresh white. Then, some green leaves and white flowers are right.

1. Tulips

For those who don't understand floristry or have no time to fiddle with flowers and plants, the floristry tricks that can achieve the maximum effect without any effort are the most eager to try. For the living space used to receive guests, this "three-minute" arrangement is even more necessary. You can find a long flower that is made of solid wood with the coffee table, and place a whole bunch of tulips casually, and press a stone at the root, there will be a scene of spring coming, and then it will be in full bloom.

2. The placement of aquatic plants

Normal cut flowers can continue to bloom for a few days as long as there is water, and aquatic plants also live on water, but their roots need to be replaced by shell sand instead of cultivated soil to continue their life. Although more energy must be taken care of, if a tank of aquatic plants can be placed in the living room in the hot summer, the dryness of the space can be immediately relieved.

3. Narcissus

The dining table in the living room is the most common place for family reunions and guests to gather. Therefore, whether it is Chinese New Year or a special day, it is definitely the focus of decoration. Narcissus is a flower for the New Year, and there are many varieties. Among them, imported western daffodils are the main ones. Putting the whole bunch of yellow daffodils directly into the black flower container will brighten the living room and add the feeling of welcoming the new year.

4. Light and shadow

Since most of the living room has windows open, there are even large floor-to-ceiling windows to introduce a lot of light into the room. Based on this lighting advantage, you can use shiny and clear materials such as pearls to arrange it.

5. Slender leaf material sets off the decorative painting

The main wall of the empty living room is usually painted to increase its richness. Two long and low-level tulip paintings are placed on the main wall, with fresh peaches and simple slender cut leaves next to them, creating a landscape outside the painting to set off the style of the painting.

6. Low floating flowers, unobstructed sight

The water container is most afraid of being pushed over, splashing water that is difficult to clean. When arranging flowers on the coffee table in the living room, you might as well lower the height of the whole work, so as not to accidentally hit it and cause danger. You can throw blue glass beads into a transparent cone-shaped glass flower vessel, and add red alocasia and rolled New Zealand leaves. A simple floating flower art can capture everyone's attention.

7. Green bamboo

The log floor and coconut fiber carpet are matched with goose-yellow walls and the sofa is white. The overall feeling is already warm. Coupled with the small green bamboos placed casually on the large coffee table, whether it is in response to a large area of elements or the coordination between floral and furnishings, it presents a natural and comfortable home style.

8. The joy of orange flowers

The living room is a space with the most intensive communication between people. It is suitable for flowers with higher colors, such as gerbera, red roses, and colorful calla lilies. Use them to arrange, not only can quickly gather the focus of the space, but also convey the elements of happiness. Moreover, placing 3 flowers side by side can accelerate the power of rendering.

9. The atmosphere of the space where circles are overlapped

The style of furniture in the living room is also one of the important reference values for choosing flowers and materials. For example, a round black coffee table is suitable for decoration with rounded white flowers, and the floral materials are mainly in small quantities and single colors. On the one hand, the proportion of black and white is considered; on the other hand, it is based on the harmony generated by the overlapping of circles and circles, which is very suitable for living room spaces with frequent interpersonal interactions.

10. Crystal flower ware highlights the spatial texture

Because of the difference in angle, the crystal flower ware, which exudes a layered beauty, is most suitable for flower arrangement, especially on the small table next to the sofa in the living room, which is more generous. Match it with a glass flower vessel with a special shape, so you don't need to place flowers regularly. Fresh fruits and vegetables can also create interesting pictures.

11. High and low flowers create a sense of hierarchy

There are many places where you can put decorations on large and small coffee tables, TV cabinets, storage cabinets, window sills, and living rooms. But not every place has to be full to look good. If you have more, you will lose the point you want to emphasize, so please remember that appropriate white space is also a kind of beauty. If you choose the arrangement points that are close to the two places around the sofa, you might as well use flowerware of the same material and decorate the flower materials with the same flower shape, so that you can create a rich visual enjoyment without being messy.

12. Rose

A good smell can always make people feel happy, and if selected properly, it can further get the effect of relieving stress. Put a bunch of roses in the living room and let its sweet fragrance overflow the surrounding space, which can not only enhance the emotions between family members, but also change the atmosphere of the home.

13. White tone open space

White has the effect of expanding, and more use of white in the space has the effect of enlarging the space. After a large area of sofas and chairs, the blue mosaic low wall was chosen as neutralization, which immediately gave people a comfortable feeling of blue and white ocean. The corner between the sofa and the sofa is further staged with bunches of alocasia and an exotic ornament, which appropriately shows the spacious and natural atmosphere.

14. Small flowers and grasses extend pastoral scenery

If your living room has a floor-to-ceiling window that allows sunlight to pass through it, it would be best to decorate a few potted plants by the window. The red flowers and green leaves in rattan baskets, and the small daisies contained in cute floral vessels, create a leisurely situation like a European country.

15. Medium-sized floral transition space

Although most of the flower arrangements have height restrictions and can only be placed on the desktop or cabinet to achieve eye-catching effects. However, branches such as pussy willow or Yunlong willow have a tall and unmodified natural beauty. They can pull out flowers that cannot achieve high lines, which are very suitable to express the enlargement of the space. Put it alone in the corner of the living room, especially when the corner or separation between space and space has a good transition effect.

16. Water World

In addition to the living room, the corner of the TV cabinet is also very suitable for placing aquatic plant combination potted plants. Fill the shell sand with an oblong transparent crystal flower, move it into the water, and pour aquatic plants such as sedge, field grass, etc. into clear water to create a small underwater world. After the water quality has stabilized, it is not bad to raise a few more fish.

17. Dry flowers are suitable for autumn arrangement

The living room is the most suitable space to show the sense of the seasons. Put Qiong hemp silk and small pumpkins in a long glass flower vessel, with dried pine cones on the mouth of the bottle, and put a phalaenopsis in the lower mouth of the bottle. Such a combination of earth colors is an autumn arrangement. . Put them on the windowsill, as if you can echo the autumn mood outside the window.

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