What should I pay attention to when decorating the living room?

2021-04-21 18:39:15 • by deer hadware

Generally speaking, the living room is the space where the home has the most frequent contact with the outside world, and it is also the place where the owner is most active. Many people’s living rooms play a multifunctional role, watching TV, reading books, listening to music, receiving friends, making phone calls, holding family meetings, and so on. Therefore, before decorating, you must think clearly about your needs for the living room, and then strengthen the layout of each key area. Since the living room is a common area for interaction between family members and friends, it is also the best area to show the style of space. Therefore, if you can create a visual focus in the living room and determine the theme of the layout, and make good use of it, the style of the overall space can be roughly drawn up.

1. a table

The large and small tables around the center of gravity of the sofa in the living room are of course the best choice to show the visual focus. Whether it is practical or decorative, as long as you grasp the principle of multiple but not chaotic, single and unique placement, tablecloths, lamps, flowers, etc. can be placed on the table at will, attracting everyone's attention.

1.1. Tablecloth

Spread a tablecloth on the surface of the table that can represent the theme of the living room, which can not only live on the unsightly tabletop, but also become the visual focus of the space. The items that you want to put on the coffee table can also be arranged linearly on top of it along with the shape of the cloth to form a neat and orderly tabletop. Moreover, the cloth can soften the rigid lines of the table and give people a warm and comfortable feeling.

1.2. Floral

In order to increase the vitality of the space, scented and living flowers are of course the first choice. What kind of flower and vase should be used in the living room depends on the style and main color of the space. Regardless of the space conditions, the chosen vase should be as small and unique as possible, and it is best not to choose a vase that is too tall, so as to avoid collision and danger in the case of frequent walking. In addition, the flowers on the table in the living room are best to be used as a whole bunch, and the long and tall single flower species are less used to fully create the visual focus.

1.3. Illuminated lights

In the living room, in addition to the main lighting hanging from the ceiling and the indirect lighting hidden around the ceiling, the accent lighting can create more space. For example, in accordance with the choice of the theme of the layout, placing a shaped lamp on a small coffee table can not only be used as an ornament, but also a catalyst for a romantic atmosphere.

1.4. Atmosphere creation in a small corner

Candlelight makes people feel warm. Put a candlestick on the coffee table in the living room. When the candle is lit, the candlelight reflects on the face or corner of the space, which has the effect of relaxing the mood. Even if you don’t light the candles and have styling lines, it can be used as a beautiful accessory.

2. Storage room

Books, collectibles, photos, CDs, etc. are all small items, but if there are too many, and if they are not organized and stored properly, they will easily appear messy. At this time, you can put them all into bookcases, display cabinets, TV cabinets, etc., but it doesn't matter if the cabinet doors are closed, there are still skills to be found.

2.1. Show your cherished collection

Books and collected artworks are decorations that mainly make the interior alive. Divide the collections into different categories, show them according to the season or mood, don't put them in drawers, otherwise it would be a shame. In addition, if you want to change the main color of the living room, you can use the collection you want to display as a color palette, and change it to a color that can set off these things.

2.2. Share a warm family atmosphere

The TV cabinet or any counter in the living room can be placed with family or host photos, which not only symbolizes the harmony of relatives, but also allows visitors to talk more about topics. If the living room also functions as an audio-visual room, you can also store CDs on the TV cabinet, show people with a beautiful CD cover, entertain friends or kill time with good music.

2.3. Place the same material on the same level

The attributes of the same items are properly classified, glass, wine bottles, vases, etc., placed on the same level according to different materials. The tall ones are usually placed on the left, and they are arranged unevenly from left to right, so that the whole is not messy.

3. Pictures hanging on the wall

Generally speaking, the living room occupies the largest proportion of the overall space, so the picture range is relatively not small. If this wall with a large area is left empty, it would be a bit monotonous. You can enrich the walls with paintings, wall decorations, mirrors, clocks, etc.

3.1. Picture

Large paintings are worse than small ones. Instead of hanging small paintings scattered around, it is better to hang a larger painting or two paintings with similar spacing in a large space. In addition, you don't have to be too constrained to paintings. For example, folk costumes and large sculptures can be hung on the wall and become the focus of attention.

3.2. Mirror

To make the space more spacious and bright, placing a mirror is the best way. However, when using a mirror, pay attention to the way it is placed, and the space immediately becomes larger when placed correctly, otherwise it is likely to cause mental tension. Therefore, the simpler the reflector of the mirror, the better, and at the same time, it is best to show a corresponding pendulum parallel to the window surface to extend the scenery outside the window. If you can't face the window, facing a painting can increase the depth of field.

4. Ground

If the items placed under the vision are not particularly eye-catching and prominent, they can easily be overlooked. Therefore, the items to be placed on the floor of the living room must have an eye-catching shape in addition to being slightly larger.

4.1. Choose large-scale decorative objects

large-scale sculptures, pottery, and paintings can be placed on the ground individually and randomly. If their patterns or themes can match each other, they will be more eye-catching when placed together. In addition, large vases are also suitable to be placed in the corner space formed by a small table or a "321" sofa, which can just fill the gap. And vases with special shapes or materials have ornamental value in themselves. Of course, larger dried flowers can also be placed in the vase to create a casual atmosphere.

4.2. Use carpet to add space warmth

laying a carpet under the coffee table will add a lot of warm feeling to the living room, and you can change the carpet of different materials and colors with the season. There is a big rule to pay more attention to when laying carpets, that is, the length of the carpet-it must be longer than the longest side of the sofa. If the length of the carpet is shorter than the longest side of the sofa, it is quite disrespectful to the guests sitting on the side seat of the sofa. Imagine yourself-one foot is in the carpet, but one foot is on the cold tile, it must feel uncomfortable.

4.3. Making a small forest

In addition to flowers, another way to make the space alive is to introduce colored plants into the room, so that the living room can breathe naturally. In particular, the visual effect of plants with large leaves is the best. If you want to simply create greenery, you just need to put some similar plants.

4.4. Organize tools to keep the space tidy

Most people have the habit of reading books, newspapers or magazines in the living room. Of course, they can’t just throw them away on the coffee table or on the ground after reading. At this time, putting a magazine rack or magazine rack anywhere is the best storage method to keep the living room organized at any time.

5. Sofa

Generally, sofas are usually presented in plain and monochromatic colors. If they can be decorated with stripes or lively colors, they can be newly decorated for ordinary and monotonous sofas. It can also create different sofa looks with the change of seasons or mood changes.

5.1. Decorations on the sofa

If nothing is left on the sofa, it looks a bit deserted. Therefore, you can place drapes or pillows of different sizes and strong colors, which have an immediate effect of increasing attention.

5.2. Use contrasting colors and overlapping methods

do not line up all the pillows on the sofa, so that the texture of the sofa cannot be expressed, overlap the same pillows two by two, and the square corners of the rear pillows should protrude from the front lines, and they are staggered. The sense of layering makes the weight ratio of the sofa and the pillow just right and not obtrusive.

6. Windows

Once you enter the living room, in addition to the large walls, large windows will also attract people's attention. Therefore, changing the color and fabric quality of the curtains can easily change the impression of the space.

6.1. Choose the curtain style according to the form of the window

The window is the main object of the living room fabrics. Therefore, you must choose the form of the curtain you prefer according to the shape of the window on the spot. When the living room window is not floor-to-ceiling but half-window, simple Roman blinds will be more suitable than complicated side curtains.

6.2. Choose curtains according to the style of the space

Although cloth products have not always been the protagonist of the space, they shoulder the mission of adding the finishing touch to the space. If they are not matched properly, they often draw snakes and freeze their feet. Therefore, whether it is after the decoration or has already planned, you must first determine the style you want to give the house, whether it is modern, classical, casual, or oriental or southeast, and then choose Buco’s according to this general principle. Material and pattern.

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