How to decorate your own living room?

2021-04-21 14:37:29 • by deer hadware

The living room is a place where the whole family lives and meets guests, and its decoration grade marks the quality and identity of the owner to a certain extent, and is the focus of decoration and beautification. It should be carefully designed, selected, and decorated to form a cordial and comfortable leisure space.

1. The overall plan of the living room

The living room structure of a family house presents three basic forms. The first is the static closed living room space. This form of living room has a strong sense of closedness and makes people feel intimate and private;

The second is a dynamic and spacious living room space. Its main feature is that there are few walls and a large connection with the outside. The large area of glass walls makes people feel spacious and bright;

Third, the virtual mobile living room space is a kind of architectural space with no obvious interface and a certain range. Its range does not have a very complete isolation form and lacks a strong sense of limitation. It only depends on the inspiration and association of part of the shape. Separate space.

2. Considerations for living room design

In the decoration style, you can choose the way customers like. The key is to achieve your own satisfactory performance. Most families will adopt simple, bright, natural and smooth decoration methods. The design of the living room should consider the following factors.

2.1. Natural light

he light in the living room should be sufficient, and the lighting should be bright and soft, so that guests and family members are infected by the warm atmosphere and cultural taste. Generally, the color of the room is lighter or cooler. The south-facing rooms have plenty of sunlight, so cooler colors can be used, and the north-facing rooms can be warmer.

2.2. Illumination light

The lighting in the living room has two functions, practicality and decoration. In daily life, the entire room needs uniform lighting. In order for the family to have proper lighting conditions in daily life, such as reading newspapers, watching TV, and playing computers, various possibilities must be considered in the design. The wiring embedded in the floor or the wall and the sockets on the wall should be carefully arranged, because although the position of the table lamp and floor lamp can be moved flexibly, the Tathagata pulling a long wire will affect the appearance and is not safe at the same time.

2.3. Regional division

The living room can generally be divided into a meeting area, a dining area, a study area, etc. The reception area should be more outside, the dining area should be close to the kitchen, and the study area only occupies all the functions of the room. Pay attention to the coordination and unity of the entire living room. The local beautification decoration of the energy area should pay attention to the aesthetics of the quantity and vision.

2.4. Curtains

A huge floor-to-ceiling curtain, which has a greater depth and color contrast with the surrounding decorations, should become an important role in the overall atmosphere, and an important function of reconciliation and contrast. The texture of the curtain cloth should be soft, delicate and upright, and the style should be generous. At present, double-layer curtains, with rich layers and confusing effects, have also become people's first choice.

2.5. Furniture

Modern furniture is mainly low and low, and the furnishings should follow the principle of "simplicity is fashion". Classical furniture is better to be quiet, deep and stable. The large space should be grand and magnificent, and the small living room should avoid the complexity, disorder and disorder. The space should be colored with "visual beauty", and the field of vision should be expanded with "small in the big". At the same time, the role of the clock cannot be ignored. Hanging a clock in an eye-catching place also has the finishing touch. Also change the location of the furniture from time to time to give people a sense of freshness.

2.6. Accessories

The display space is a place to reflect your own personality. You can put a transparent cabinet and put some of your collections or decorations and books in it. Its size should be designed according to the area of the living room, it is best to stand against the wall to save space.

2.7. Plants

Plants are not only the guardians of the indoor health of the households, but also can enhance the sense of hierarchy and overall cultural taste in the living room, so it is indispensable. Plants such as Brazil wood, monstera, and phoenix are the first choices. They are beautiful, natural and good-looking, giving people a tenacious rhythm and enlightenment of life.

3. Tips for small living room design

The living room is the most important activity space in home life. But if your living room is very small, how to make the living room play the best role in a small space and bring you a feeling of spaciousness, you need to start with the layout, only reasonable matching and design can help you realize the space The effect of getting bigger.

3.1. Reasonable use of accessories

Small apartment living room is difficult to decorate. What are the clever tricks. If you want to make the space in your home more spacious, in addition to focusing on the large objects such as the living room cabinets and sofas, you can also put the finishing touch on the larger living room space on some small accessories. Simple shape, light texture, small and exquisite accessories, especially those rich in changes that have both functions and decorative effects, are most used in the decoration of small apartments.

3.2. Reasonable use of space

You should not be greedy for cheap and impulsive shopping. The occasional blank space can bring out the atmosphere of the subject. The living room and dining room are designed in a semi-open pattern. Break down the partition wall and make full use of the convenient features of rail-type sliding doors to increase the functionality of the space. Buy more storage cabinets to make the space have a stronger storage function. Nail the board to the wall to store CDs and other items. Use less large furniture such as large wine cabinets and TV cabinets to simplify the division of space. If it is really needed, it is better to place it in the corner. Make more use of the storage of the box, and stick the box with consistent wrapping paper, which can be flexibly placed in every corner of the living room.

3.3. Potted plants should not be too much

When configuring plants, you should first focus on the beauty of decoration, because the space is not large, so the number should not be large, and the choice must pay attention to the medium and small collocation. Place a small plant at the corner as a decoration to purify the space and expand the vision without hindering people from walking.

3.4. Reasonable use of decorative cloth

Can create a warm home space. For example, the fabric suspended from the ceiling can not only effectively separate the space, but also can be pulled up when not in use to achieve the purpose of expanding the space. The two-seater sofa and recliner are placed symmetrically. This arrangement is suitable for a long and narrow small living room. You can choose two small two-seater sofas to give the small living room a crowded and lively feeling. And if one of them is replaced with a recliner, it is a new sense of leisure.

4. Tips for designing a medium-sized living room

The living room is the most important place for the owner, and it is also the place with the highest utilization rate and showing your personal hobbies. -Generally speaking, 15 square meters to 25 square meters is a medium-sized living room. Medium-sized living room furniture is mainly based on the placement of sofas, which can be arranged in the following ways.

4.1. Three-seater couch with two single-seaters

This is the most common way of placing sofas. Its advantage lies in comfortable use and simple combination. When choosing this combination, the styles of the three-seat sofa and the single-seat sofa can be coordinated or completely different. For example, three people choose a fabric sofa, while a single person is a leather sofa, or a single person simply puts a wooden chair with a Chinese classic style. But the distance between them should not be too large, so as not to cause inconvenience in the conversation.

4.2. Three-seater sofa with two-seater sofa

The conventional arrangement of a square living room. Close to the "L" pattern on both sides, it is most suitable for the living room facing south or east, which absorbs a lot of sunlight and breaks the sense of regularity brought by a square space. The position of the three-person sand object and the two-seater sofa can be adjusted at will according to the actual situation of the living room, or two, one can be replaced with floor accessories, or the other can be replaced with floor lamps or large plants.

4.3. Four-seater sofa

The corner sofa here can be a four-seater or five-seater sofa. It forms a separate reception area with two single sofas or a two-seater sofa, which can be used for conversations with more than one person at the same time. The corner sofa is a single-seat sofa. The sofa can also be used to relax on the sofa. Of course, considering the purpose of comfort, the single sofa is replaced with a lounge chair when matching.

4.4. Large sofa with single sofa

This enclosing method with a large sofa as the main body and two single armchairs or armrest sofas not only has a variety of changes in the choice of furniture, but also fixed the position of the main sofa, the other two The position of the sofa can be placed at multiple angles, as long as it forms a gathering and dense feeling to achieve the goal. Net ordinary sofas are placed staggered and suitable for medium-sized living rooms. The whole is rectangular, but the two sofas are staggered and placed one by one, which is very flexible and practical. The staggered place is just right for the side table.

5. The considerations of color design in the living room are in pink and yellow

It is best to use color to create a cheerful atmosphere in the living room. Whether it is a family of three or three generations living together, a family often gathers in the living room. Painted in pink and yellow can invisibly reflect the harmony and happiness of the family, and it will also make people feel the warmth of family affection.

5.1. White

The living room decorated with milky white has a gorgeous feeling. You can use it on the walls and ceilings, and then use a darker orange gray on the ground. The doors and windows are in similar colors. The furniture can be bright brown with patterns, carpets, Red, orange, crimson, emerald green, and brown are dotted in the cushions and accessories.

5.2. Sky blue

The living room with sky blue as the main color gives a refreshing feeling. You can deliberately paint the wall to be stained with water. The gray-white floor is matched with the clean sofa. The sofa is equipped with several cushions of light yellow, light green, and light cyan, and then some green plants are placed, which will make the whole living room. The atmosphere is very harmonious.

5.3. Wood color

This kind of natural-feeling home has been more popular in the past two years, and is especially suitable for the younger generation. If it is a family of three with small cores, it is recommended not to use this color. Because wood furniture is mostly light in color, children often touch it and get dirty easily. It takes a lot of effort to clean up, and some can’t be cleaned at all.

5.4. Red

Red tones can make the whole living room lively. In the design, natural light and shade can be used to create a rich sense of hierarchy. The golden zenith and the reflective ground. In order to avoid excessive stimulation, dark gray and bright gray furniture and walls can be used as an excessive line of sight in some places.

5.5. Gray

This color tone can make the living room quiet. If you add some large transparent glass windows, black furniture with bright reflections, orange sofas, and beige carpets, everything will appear clear and transparent, elegant and quiet. Put a pot of flowers or a fruit plate on the coffee table to make the room atmosphere fresher.

5.6. Dark blue

This main tone can make the living room more stable. Dark blue carpets, iron gray sofas, dark brown furniture, white walls, the whole room feels deep and quiet. The natural plant shapes and colors will give you a bright feeling, and the light yellow and bright red fruit plates and other ornaments can make the whole room appear quiet and not dull.

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