What problems should be paid attention to when decorating a bedroom?

2021-04-22 19:21:32 • by deer hadware

The main function of the bedroom is to rest. Warm and quiet are the themes of bedroom design. In addition to the necessary furniture, it should be as simple as possible.

The layout of the bedroom directly affects people's life, work and study. The bedroom has become one of the key points in the design of home decoration. Therefore, when designing, people first focus on practicality, followed by decoration.

The layout of the bedroom is a very important part. The layout of the bedroom directly affects the happiness of a family, the harmony of husband and wife, physical health and many other elements. A good bedroom layout should not only consider the placement and orientation of items, but also the overall color arrangement and comfort.

1. Bedroom storage and planning

The color of the bedroom should be uniform, the soft decoration of the bed and window should be consistent with the color of the furniture wall and floor, and the lighting should be based on warm yellow. The master bedroom is generally used by couples and has strong privacy. The sleeping area is the most important. If the area allows, the bed should be as large as possible, preferably 1.5 meters to 1.8 meters or 2 meters to 2.1 meters, and a soft seat can be set at the head of the bed. Never put the bed in the center of the bedroom or at the door. There should be two layers of window screens with better shading properties. In addition, large wardrobes and TV cabinets are also commonly used furniture, and sometimes it is necessary to design a few rest chairs.

Conditional bedrooms should face the head of the bed to the north, which is related to the direction of the person's own magnetic field. The dressing table is best located in the master bedroom or in the corner of the bedroom, but the mirror surface of the dressing table should not be directed at the head of the bed.

2. Considerations for bedroom design

The design of the bedroom should be considered from the following aspects.

2.1. Bedroom color

The color of the bedroom should be warm, simple and elegant. Do not use too fresh colors. The choice of room color is white and light yellow, which can calm people down quickly. The color of the bedroom should not be colorful, and do not knurled paint. The floor of the bedroom should also be light-colored, so that the color matching of the entire bedroom should be comfortable, and it is appropriate to be unified, harmonious and elegant. The sheets, curtains, and pillowcases are all in the same color series. Try not to use contrasting colors to avoid giving people a strong and vivid feeling that makes it difficult to fall asleep. Wooden floors will also add some warmth to the room. You can also hang some wooden picture frames on the wall to make the whole room come alive.

2.2. Bedroom decoration

Avoid using highly reflective materials or carving complex graphics, otherwise it is easy to have hallucinations when sleeping, and a too complicated space environment can easily cause insomnia. The master bedroom is a place to relax. Don’t be too complicated and give a sense of restlessness. The simple furnishings and the floral frame on the wall harmonize with each other, making people feel the whole space environment is warm and elegant. Turning on the softly lighted wall lamp at night will give people an illusion of blending into nature in the book room. This is the feeling of home.

2.3. Bedroom furniture

First of all, the choice of bedroom furniture should take into account factors such as bedroom area, shape, layout, number of users, and bedroom orientation. Then choose the type and style of furniture according to the practical purpose. The main furniture in the sleeping area is a bed and a bedside table, and a well-lit local lighting source for the bedside should be set up to meet the needs of bedside reading. The placement of the bed should be reasonable and scientific. There are often bedside tables on both sides of the bed. Secondly, consider the furniture in the dressing area in the bedroom, dressing table, and mirror as the main furniture in this area. The space layout can adopt the form of mobile, assembled or embedded dressing furniture according to the indoor situation and personal preferences, but the latter obviously saves space and enhances the overall beauty of the bedroom.

2.4. Comfort

The fabric in the bedroom is also an element of improving comfort. The flexibility of hemp and cotton fabrics makes the whole bedroom full of irresistible warmth. In order to fill every corner of the bedroom with comfort, the choice of wallpaper and curtain texture is also critical.

2.5. Small space design

For the decoration design of a small area bedroom, it is necessary to consider its overall beauty, but also its practicality. In order to maximize the use of space, it is necessary to effectively use the walls and the ground. Try to make your design create an illusion of space, and at the same time, choose furniture that best reflects its perfect comfort, which can emphasize and highlight their use effects. The mirror is very important in the design of the bedroom. It can not only enhance the brightness of the bedroom light, but also increase the sense of space in the house. You can consider making a sliding door with a mirror inlaid on the door, so the area of the house will be doubled. If there is a narrow aisle that makes you unsatisfied in the design of the apartment, then the mirror can be very here, which can increase the brightness and enlarge the space.

2.6. Lighting

The bedroom lighting should be warm, comfortable and pleasant. Therefore, the lighting design must not make people feel depressed. The function of the bedroom has its multi-layered nature. If the space is not very large, the bedroom will have the functions of a studio and a study room. Therefore, the lighting of the bedroom lighting should be designed according to different functional requirements. Table lamp is one of the essential lamps for bedroom lighting. It is best to place it within reach of the bed, so that the owner can read on the bed; if it is a double bed, a table lamp should be placed on both sides of the bed, which can meet the different requirements of the two without hindering Each other's rest.

TIPS decoration tips

Lighting can change the atmosphere and personal feeling of the room. The bedroom is a place to rest. In addition to providing a soft light source that is easy to sleep, it is more important to use the lighting arrangement to relieve the stress of life during the day, so the lighting in the bedroom should be Gentleness is the principle. The general lighting of the bedroom can be divided into general lighting, partial lighting and decorative lighting.

General lighting is for the living room to rest, while local lighting includes for dressing, reading, changing clothes, etc.;

Decorative lighting is mainly to create the space atmosphere of the bedroom, such as romantic and warm atmosphere.

For the general lighting of the bedroom, pay attention to the light not to be too strong or white when designing, because this kind of light will easily make the room look dull and lifeless. It is best to use warm light lamps, which will make the bedroom feel more warm, and ordinary lighting is the best Well equipped with two control switches, easy to use.

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