7 steps for bedroom decoration

2021-04-22 19:44:14 • by deer hadware

1. Measure the size

Before remodeling and purchasing the required materials, the space size, wall surface, and required furniture size of the wine shop must be weighed, so that it can be used as a reference when planning and designing drawings in the future.

2. Planning the floor plan

The most important and most difficult part of remodeling a room is planning. First determine the layout of the room and calculate how many things need to be stored? How many storage cabinets are needed? How much space is there for these storage furniture? After confirming the placement of the new and old furniture and the storage location of the items, draw a plan to see the transformation. The difference in space planning before and after.

3. Determine the home renovation style

Refer to some home or books of the same type to find out the home style you want and apply. This direction is used as a planning guideline and as a reference for buying furniture. Only in this way can the transformed space be consistent in style. If the furniture is purchased and remodeled without a general style, it is easy to cause the furniture style to be messy and the color tones and forms are not uniform.

4. Store useless items

A small space is easy to make people feel oppressive. If there are too many clutter and not properly stored, it is not only unsightly, but also easy to make people feel irritable. It is best to store unused sundries in a centralized manner, which can be stored in a cardboard box and pasted with wrapping paper for display. And the commonly used sundries can be placed in a place where they can be easily obtained according to their own living habits.

5. Unified spatial style

First find out the commonalities of the constituent elements in the entire space, such as color, texture (wood, metal, cloth products), etc., and unify the space tone to remove some clutter in the space.

6. Put unused items on high places

For items that are messy and infrequently used, choose a cabinet with high shelter as much as possible to avoid affecting the overall visual effect and reduce the chance of messy.

7. Don't put tall furniture at the entrance and exit

Put tall furniture in the deepest part of the room as much as possible, and put low furniture at the door. If you have to enlarge the closet and other furniture near the door, you can choose light-colored large furniture, such as white, to reduce the sense of pressure. The furniture configuration is different

From the inside to the outside, from high to low, it will be much more refreshing than the uneven arrangement of high and low furniture in the shape of a mountain. Low furniture must be placed under the window sill, and high or low furniture against the wall can be used. This is also the room configuration must be considered.

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