How to arrange the flowers in the bedroom?

2021-04-24 17:34:15 • by deer hadware

1. Refreshing and pleasant decoration

The bedside table is the most commonly used light fixture for people to place books and provide a light source for reading. The space left is actually limited. Therefore, only fresh and pleasant floral arrangements can be accommodated. The white snapdragon is not only soft in color, but also small and cute. This not only keeps the table top refreshed, but also creates a quiet and peaceful sleeping atmosphere.

2. Arrangement suitable for rest

The summer room is most suitable for aquatic plants to relieve the heat, help soothe tired body, and get a good night's sleep. The calm square transparent flower vessel is also covered with shell sand, planted with water fern, and decorated with shells to complete the arrangement full of coolness. A small water fern is enough to cool your mind.

3. Artificial stone can also brighten the layout

The stone lotus, which is a succulent plant, has a special shape that is originally very flattering, and it is also suitable for indoor use, so it is often used to decorate the space. Choose an antique flower island, put the artificial stone lotus with fresh bark, branches and water sphagnum moss on it, and place it on the bedside table or dressing table in a fake but green color, so you can enjoy it for a long time without fear. Withered.

4. Romantic bedroom layout

Softness and warmth are the basic tone of the bedroom. Whether it is the patterned bed group that occupies a large area or the patterned paintings on the wall, it must conform to this feeling. Of course, flowers that originally have a soft space atmosphere inevitably have to occupy a place in the bedroom. The light purple bouquets are graceful and graceful in the sunlight, which is indeed a lot of peace of mind. Fresh sketch floral arrangement Marguerite is one of the cut flowers commonly used by ordinary people, and its blossoming appearance is like smiling faces. It is perfect to be used in a bedroom that needs a warm atmosphere. Paired with a clear and transparent red flower, the red and white contrast contrasts, whether it is placed on the window sill or the chest of drawers, it can convey comfortable warmth.

5. Bedroom layout that helps sleep

Since the bedroom is a more personal activity area, it is also most suitable for highlighting your own personality. In terms of flower arrangement, as long as it does not interfere with sleep, it is not limited to any form. Like a blue bowl-shaped glass flower vessel, it looks good when placed alone, let alone used for flower arranging. Simply put in small watermelons and vine orchids, decorate them with a single East Asian orchid, and place them in pairs on the windowsill.

6. The interior decoration that feels cool

In the hot summer, on the side cabinet of the bedroom by the window, a cone-shaped transparent glass flower is placed, and the bottom is covered with white shell industry implanted sedge, and blue environmentally friendly dye is added to become a blue water world. It will also make the whole bedroom disappear suddenly.

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