What are the key parts of bedroom decoration?

2021-04-22 20:09:19 • by deer hadware

The bedroom is the most private part of a person, and it is also the part that best reflects the owner's personal character and style. To decorate the bedroom, you can choose the style you like, whether it is luxurious or simple. In short, you have to be like yourself. What should be placed in the bedroom, and how should it be placed? Of course, there are many methods, and it can be very free. If you grasp the main basic principles, it is not difficult to create your own comfortable living room. Make a checklist to determine what functions the bedroom is prepared to have. In fact, the bedroom can be used not only for sleeping, but also for reading, writing, working or enjoying personal spray. Everything takes comfort as the highest principle. Properly arrange furniture, cleverly design lighting, make use of many easy-to-access storage, and some decorations, such as affectionate photos, essential oil bottles to create atmosphere, books suitable for bedside reading, etc. It is something that is full of personal feeling and can increase the temperature, which can achieve a comfortable effect.

1. Bed

The biggest function of the bedroom is undoubtedly to provide an environment that is conducive to sleep, soothes the body and mind, and relieves fatigue. Then, a bed that makes it easy to fall asleep naturally gets the most attention. Not only that, the color of the bed sheets is also the first focus of the eyes when you enter the bedroom. Once you decide on its style and direction, the atmosphere around the bedroom can be settled.

1.1. The size should be moderate

The bedroom should be kept clean and fresh as much as possible. If the space is not large, but a bed group with an excessively large proportion is selected, the room will appear crowded and cramped, and it seems that no other furniture can be accommodated. On the contrary, the furniture around the bed set should not be too large, otherwise, it will cause an unbalanced visual experience.

1.2. Use the method of bedding arrangement

A comfortable bed, a set of bedding that can determine the main color of the entire space, can best determine the special style of the bedroom owner. For example, the gauze bedding represents romance, and the plaid pattern represents the English country style. It is recommended to prepare a few more sets of bedding, which can be changed according to the season or mood.

1.3. The head and foot of the bed are not right, the door is wrong

In order to ensure the quality of sleep, the head and the foot of the bed should not be against the window or door, and the head of the bed should not be placed against the bathroom wall. In addition, one side of the double bed should not be against the wall, so that both sides can get on and off the bed.

2. Bedside table

The bedside table seems to be the basic equipment beside the bed, and it is also the two corners closest to the sleeping area, so it deeply affects the quality of sleep. Of course, it is also the best place to create a sleeping atmosphere. At this time, photos with emotional catalysis, essential oil candles that can soothe the body and mind, and a bedside lamp to create a warm atmosphere are all the best decorations.

2.1. Place items that make you feel comfortable

Adding so many favorite things or photos on the bedside table, and things that have emotions with you, there will always be a kind of comforting power, accompany you to surround yourself with emotions, and you can naturally relax and sleep.

2.2. Good odor leads to good sleep

Scent has an absolute influence on a space. It will change your mood, awaken your memory invisibly, relax and soothe tight nerves, and fall in love with the corner of the bedroom. Fragrance is also indispensable.

2.3. Make good use of bedside lamps

A bedside night can make reading before going to bed, get sufficient light, and the dim light can also help relieve stress and create a sleeping atmosphere: when you wake up at night, you can quickly get the light source without excessively irritating the eyes. 4. Avoid light sources that are too bright and complicated: an overly bright space is not suitable for sleep. The light source must have multiple functions to meet different needs. But it is also necessary to avoid being too complicated, too many light sources will also cause troubles, such as too many switch positions, you have to be busy turning off the lights before going to bed.

3. Wall surface

The bedroom is not like the living room, dining room and other public spaces that need to be exposed to communicate with everyone. Therefore, the representatives of the love testimony between the two people, such as wedding photos, seem to exist in the private bedroom of the individual. But you can also try to change your taste, frame your favorite movie posters as paintings, or use antique window grilles as wall decorations to keep the bedroom fresh.

3.1. Use small paintings to echo the atmosphere of the bedroom

The content of the paintings in the bedroom does not need to have a strong visual effect and show a strong style like the living room. Small paintings with warm, fresh and natural colors are the best choice. Moreover, one high and one low suspension method can also be adopted to create a rhythmic effect on the wall. 2. Don’t stick to the form of the wall decoration: If you can’t find the ideal painting that suits your bedroom for a while, you can also decorate the wall with the decorative cloth you bought while traveling or the antique window grilles you collect on weekdays. Make the bedroom more casual and relaxing atmosphere.

3.2. Small corner

In addition to the large space centered on the bed in the bedroom, there are often fragments of small corners. You can set a theme for these small corners to decorate, or change the furnishings with festivals. You can also place the dressing area here as a matter of course.

3.2.1. Treat the bedroom as your own exclusive space

The bedroom is a place where many people use to recuperate and rest. The daily life and rest here can be set as a space for personal use and undisturbed. For example, it can be a reading corner, or a small audio-visual room, or you can set up a special birthday gift area for yourself when your birthday arrives, and pamper yourself.

3.2.2. Create a dressing area

Being able to sit down and dress yourself up in front of the dressing table is more comfortable than standing in the bathroom with makeup. Therefore, dividing the dressing area in the bedroom is the first requirement of most women in the bedroom. Choose the one that matches the style of the bedroom-a set of small chairs and small tables can make such a corner. But remember to do a good job of storing bottles and cans on the countertop, otherwise, the messy feeling will start to spread.

3.2.3. Don't use the bedroom as a storage room

Don't neglect your own needs. Just put everything in the room. The room is packed like a storage room. It is not easy to use or search for things that are not easy to use or find, which causes troubles in life.

4. Ground

Before going to bed, I always hope that I can step on the warm floor and get into the bed, so the carpet is often used in the bedroom. In addition, some people don't want to get up again when they lie in the bed. Therefore, you can add a wardrobe or a movable cabinet besides the bedside table to satisfy your lazy mood anytime and anywhere.

4.1. Use cloth blankets to improve room comfort

Generally, the time to walk around in the bedroom is usually limited to the moment before going to bed or getting up. Although the time is not long, it is always not warm when stepping on the cold floor, especially in the cold winter. . Therefore, placing a cloth blanket beside or at the end of the bed can give warm care to the soles of the feet when going on and off the bed.

4.2. Flexible use of activity racks

Place a movable shelf on the ground, whether you place clothes, sundries or books. The movable rack can be used flexibly to fight for space and move easily. In addition, it is often inconvenient to lie in the bedroom and it is inconvenient to access things. At this time, a rack with wheels is very necessary.

4.3. Placement between the bed and the carpet

For two beds, use two carpets, one single bed against the wall, and two long carpets to create a warm feeling. When the bed is against the wall, the carpet is lower than the bed placed against the wall, and the position of the carpet is lower than the bed, so it will be more lively visually.

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