How to choose a suitable bed for yourself?

2021-04-05 12:25:17 • by deer hadware

One third of a person's life is spent in bed. A good bed can greatly improve the quality of sleep. In order to choose a comfortable bed, consumers may wish to consider the following aspects when purchasing.

1. Use harmless and environmentally friendly materials

Environmental protection materials that do not contain harmful substances such as formaldehyde should be used, which will not cause harm to the human body and cause no pollution to the environment.
The use of cotton fabric does not generate static electricity, is not easy to absorb dust, reduces skin irritation, and is beneficial to health.
The design should be safe, such as the height of the bed foot higher than the instep, so as not to kick the toes or scratch the instep. The bed body should not have hard corners, so as not to hurt the legs and feet.

2. The length and width of the bed vary from person to person

The standard of the bed is to lie flat on the bed with hands on hips and elbows bent outward. If the head, feet and elbows cannot touch the edge of the bed, then the width and length of this single bed is sufficient.
The double bed is slightly narrower than its width. The scientific length of the bed is 15 cm longer than the height.
Open the mattress and you will see the wooden bed board. If the bed board is a thin board instead of a multi-layer board, the quality of the bed is obviously not good enough.
A bed made of multi-layer orthopedic plates and steel wire springs is a high-quality material with a thick texture without any noise.

3. Hard and soft should be moderate

A mattress with a good support function can not only provide ubiquitous and comprehensive support to the body, but also maintain the ridge in a standing position.
Therefore, it is not appropriate for the mattress to be too soft or too hard, and the difference between height and weight should be combined.
-For boats, people who are tall and heavy should choose a harder mattress.
People who are petite and lighter should choose a softer mattress.
The mattress should have good resilience and toughness to support the weight of all parts of the body, and the rebound speed should be fast. When the body is turned, the compressed part of the bed should sink quickly, and the pressure-relieved part should rebound quickly.

4. Appropriate fit

The body and the bed have a larger contact area, and it can be said that the larger the contact area, the better. Let every inch of the human body touch the bed and be held up to the maximum, so as to meet the sleep requirements of people of different body types and different weights, which will reduce the local pressure on the body, especially the weight-concentrated shoulders and buttocks. The pressure, reduce the unsuitable tenderness caused by the pressure on the body part, and keep the blood vessels unblocked. Because the uncomfortable feeling will stimulate the brain, increase the frequency of turning over, so that the brain cannot get adequate rest. In terms of the fit of the mattress material to the human body, the order from the most fit to the non-compliant is: Memory glue → latex → mixed memory foam → ordinary foam → high density foam. Experts here suggest that you find the mattress that best suits your sleeping habits.

5. Better breathability

There are 3 million fine pores on the surface of human skin. These pores shrink and relax day and night to breathe, secrete sweat, excrete sebum and metabolites in the body, and regulate body temperature and normal functions.
And 11 pm to 5 am is the most vigorous time for cell division. If the material of the mattress is not breathable and perspiration, it will hinder the breathing and excretion of the skin, the skin is prone to roughness and allergies, and it will also affect the endocrine function for a long time.
When sleeping on a hard bed, the contact area between the body and the bed is small, while the area in direct contact with the air is large, and the human body will feel ventilated and cool when sleeping;
When sleeping on a soft bed, the contact area between the body and the bed is large, and the contact part cannot be in direct contact with the air. This is also the main reason why the soft bed feels hot.
At present, the more air-permeable material should be foam, such as latex and foam with pore structure inside. The air permeability from high to low is: latex, ordinary foam, high-density foam, mixed memory foam, memory glue.

6. Fine workmanship

The appearance of a good mattress has the characteristics of uniform thickness, smooth surface, symmetrical and beautiful line marks. When testing the mattress by hand, the quality of the mattress must be balanced and symmetrical, the surface of the mattress is evenly distributed, and the rebound force is balanced. Flapping springs, good mattresses have good elasticity under flapping, and have a slightly uniform spring sound. Rusty and inferior springs not only have poor elasticity, but also make a crunching noise under squeeze.

7. The color of the bedding

The color choice of bedding has an important impact on health. The light orange bedding used in the bedroom of the elderly can invigorate people and feel happy. The bedroom of newlyweds should choose brightly colored bedding to add a festive atmosphere to the room. If the owner of the room suffers from high blood pressure or heart disease, it is best to lay down light blue bedding to help the blood pressure drop and the pulse to return to normal. People who are emotionally unstable and easily irritable should use tender green bedding to relax their mind and relieve tension. -Generally speaking, the color of bedding is mostly light and elegant. In addition, in spring and summer, the temperature is relatively high. The color of the bedding should be fresh and elegant, and the texture should be more breathable fabric; while the temperature in the autumn and winter is falling, the weather is cold, the color of the bedding should be warmer. In terms of texture, you should choose a warmer fabric.

Decoration tips The first consideration when choosing a bed should be safety and environmental protection. It is recommended that you choose a well-known brand. Most of the brand-name beds are sturdy and durable, can meet environmental protection standards, and will not affect health due to excessive harmful gases. When choosing a mattress, you can pay attention to smell the mattress; try to lie down and listen to whether the spring makes a sound; if possible, you can open the mattress to check whether the internal structure is defective. The second is comfort. It is recommended to choose a soft and hard mattress according to your sleeping habits. Middle-aged and elderly people are best to choose a moderate or slightly soft mattress, and young people should choose a slightly harder mattress. The last is the style, you can choose a personalized bed with additional functions according to your needs, but you should consider whether the additional functions are really practical, after all, the bed is mainly used for sleeping.

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