How to choose a crib?

2021-04-05 15:11:15 • by deer hadware

1. Safety first

1.1. The structure is safe and reasonable

The height of the guardrail is 65 cm and 70 cm, and the standard for the distance between the guardrails is 5.5 cm.

1.2. Material safety

Wood knotted wood should not be used for the load-bearing part, otherwise it is easy to break. New Zealand pine is the best material, and birch, teak, ash, basswood, etc. are also good choices.

1.3. The bottom of the bed is safe and firm

On the market, the bottom of the bed is made of synthetic sheet material, and the crib suspended inside the bed body is very dangerous. Cribs in Europe and the United States mostly use iron bed bottoms and solid wood bed bottoms, which have strict requirements on the connection design and connection hardware between the bed bottom and the bed body. Generally, embedded or suspended connections, wood and metal beds are used. The connection of the bottom adopts non-slip screws.

1.4. Paint environmental protection and safety

The first is to smell, and the second is to look at the ingredients. The paint of the crib must not contain harmful ingredients such as heavy metals and formaldehyde. The color-painted crib is good for the child's visual development, but the coating is thicker, covering the original face of the wood, and the safety of the wood material is very important for the baby. If you choose an unpainted crib, it is recommended to apply natural wood oil after a period of use to prevent the wood from being deformed by moisture.

1.5. Safety of accessories

The opening accessories of the side guardrail mainly include: the material of the rotating, pull-out, and slide rail accessories determines the service life of the guardrail. The pulleys are made of ordinary plastics or recycled plastics, engineering plastics, nylon, iron, stainless steel, etc. Nylon material and stainless steel material are better, the price is higher, but the service life is relatively long. The crib with wheels is easy to use, but you must pay attention to whether there is a safety brake device on the wheels and whether the brake device is firm.

2. The second function

2.1. Lengthening function

If you want to choose a crib that can meet the needs of your child in various periods, you need to adjust the lengthening function. The size of the crib in Europe and America is about 140 cm in length and 78 cm in width, and can be used up to about 6 years old. The size is reasonable and the use time is longer.

2.2. Swing function

There is a big controversy about this, and whether the structure of the baby's head and bed is safe remains to be studied.

2.3. Adjustment of bed height

You can choose from 2 to 4 levels of adjustment, which can adapt to the needs of babies of different ages.

2.4. Side guardrail unilateral lowering control

Can reduce the risk of accidental release to the baby. It is recommended to choose a crib with simple functions, reasonable size and firm structure.

3. The choice of mattress

Mattresses that are too soft or too hard are not conducive to the growth of the baby’s bones. The hardness should be selected according to the baby’s weight. It is best for the players to feel elastic and have good support. For example, natural coconut palm and natural latex mattresses have moderate elastic support, attracting air, resisting insects, mites, and mildew. However, the coconut palm mattresses sold on the market are also synthesized with chemical adhesives, which are not suitable for babies. Pay special attention to whether there is a gap between the mattress and the bed frame. If there is, it means that the mattress is too small and should be replaced to prevent the baby from getting his fingers inside. The thickness of the mattress is generally 5 cm to 10 cm, and the maximum thickness should not exceed 13 cm.

4. The installation of the crib

Pay attention to whether the connection hole distance between the bed boards is close. The accurate hole position makes the bed assembly easier, the use and operation are more convenient, and it can reflect the fine workmanship of the bed.

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