How to choose the color of furniture?

2021-04-05 13:35:19 • by deer hadware

In home decoration, color is the easiest to show effect. A room with appropriate colors and reasonable collocation is more pleasing to the eye than simply piling up with precious materials. Colorful daily necessities and furnishings can not only make your room more beautiful, but also have an impact on your health.


Gives a warm and relaxing feeling, suitable for use in the living room. For example, use soft pink on the floor, and then choose lampshades, picture frames, and curtains with pink prints of the same color. Against the white sofa and beige wall, add a little light blue to form a flowerbed. Style of style.

2. Wine red

Wine red is the color of wine. The mellowness and dignity will give people a sense of grace and luxury, so it is preferred by those who pursue luxury. Use wine red for the sofa or choose a big red carpet in the reception area to make the living room look magnificent.

3. Orange

Produce vitality, induce appetite, help calcium absorption, and help restore and maintain health. This color is suitable for entertainment rooms, kitchens, etc., but not suitable for bedrooms and study rooms.

4. Yellow

It can stimulate the nerves and digestive system, and strengthen logical thinking, but the golden decoration is easy to cause fatigue. It is best to avoid the use of golden furniture.

5. Green

It is good for digestion, promotes body balance, and has a calming effect. It is good for those who are active or physically and mentally depressed. The natural green color has a certain effect on overcoming syncope, fatigue and negative emotions.


It can lower the pulse and adjust the balance of the body. Using blue in the bedroom can eliminate tension and help relieve headaches, fever, fainting, and insomnia. The blue environment makes people feel elegant and peaceful.

7. Purple

It has a suppressive effect on the motor nerve, lymphatic system and heart system. It can maintain the balance of potassium in the body and promote the feeling of calm and caring for others.


Adjust muscles, reduce or stop bleeding, can affect vision, hearing and smell, and can reduce the body's sensitivity to pain. This color is not suitable for decoration, but if it is used on cloth, it can give people a sense of security.

Decoration tips Two to three colors of similar tones, such as blue, green or gray, can produce a delicate and quiet effect;
Proper color matching can make the room or house integrated and spacious.
After the color is selected for a large area, a lighter or darker color can be used for rendering, such as for the corners of a line. Focus on color for small rooms or apartments with decorative lines.
Choose colors with a strong contrast effect, such as light versus dark, warm versus cool, to achieve a vibrant effect

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