How to choose a suitable dining table?

2021-04-05 14:32:34 • by deer hadware

The dining table has always been an indispensable and important thing in the home. Nowadays, people have not only increased their requirements for food, but they have also become more particular about the atmosphere of meals. A beautiful and comfortable dining table can not only add luster to the home, but also promote appetite and health.

How to choose the right dining table and chair? Style, style, and color are indispensable. In addition to practicality, it must also be in harmony with the owner's personality, aesthetic tendency and the style of the entire home, or form a patchwork of visual hierarchy, or pursuit A harmonious and harmonious beauty.

1. The mahogany dining table highlights the taste

If you are a master who pays attention to the taste of life, then the pure mahogany dining table and chair should be your best choice.
It is well-crafted, exquisite in shape, exudes a simple and deep atmosphere, and has the demeanor of everyone. Such a set of dining tables and chairs is absolutely eye-catching: even in a modern family with avant-garde fashion, it will certainly attract countless admirations. And the soft red color dining table and chair, the wooden touch is good, the lines are concise, and the shiny tabletop reflects the clear and beautiful shadows of the discs, complementing each other, and the square chair with the red-brown seat cushion and the antique engraving of the backrest. Natural, harmonious, warmth and sentiment lingers in fullness. The dining table is frequently used, so the mahogany dining table should be waxed regularly and pay special attention to maintenance.

2. The rattan dining table is close to nature

If you are looking for natural comfort, undecorated rattan tables and chairs may be a good choice.
Because of simplicity and self-expression, the only way to give you impact is the shape of the table and chair. The legs or lines of the table are simple, or random geometric figures are outlined. The back of the chair is either a traditional straight-board type or an ergonomically streamlined type.
The colors are white, yellowish or light brown. Not so ostentatious, but there is always unspeakable comfort and elegance, which makes you attracted at first glance. Of course, rattan dining tables and chairs can also incorporate other elements, such as tempered glass, which is wear-resistant, heat-resistant, impact-resistant, easy to clean and maintain, and crystal clear. The changeable elements are added, the brightness is increased, and the service life is prolonged, and it is more convenient to clean.
Rattan dining tables are uneven, so be careful when placing dishes. The surface of a pure rattan dining table is easy to hide dirt and is not easy to clean. It is best to lay a table cloth or choose a glass-faced rattan dining table when using it.

3. The glass table is avant-garde and lively

Compared with the traditional wooden dining table, the glass dining table is bolder and more avant-garde, and its functions are more practical. Compared with the wood dining table, the glass dining table will not be affected by indoor air, and will not be deformed due to unfavorable humidity: it is easier to clean up than fabric and leather, and it takes up less space; it is safer and more environmentally friendly than plastic, without pollution and no pollution. Radiation; the simplicity and fashion of the glass dining table and its free will be its advantages compared to other products.
In terms of matching, the glass dining table can better form a good combination with other types of furniture: simple and clear lines and transparent visual effects make it stand out and not abrupt, exquisite style and unique style, It is unique among the furniture in the living room, shining brightly. Especially under the irradiation of natural light, it is more eye-catching, adding a completely different warm atmosphere to the living room. In addition, the glass dining table is very easy to clean, adapts to the needs of different classes of aesthetics, and can provide all kinds of fashion-seeking people with their individual needs.

4. Marble dining table is simple and stylish

The marble table top is matched with the leather seat, the perfect combination of "organic" and "inorganic", "soft" and "hard". The coldness of marble is warmed by the delicate texture of leather; the shortcomings in shaping the edges and corners of leather are made up for by the straightness of marble. The smoothness of marble and the peculiar luster of leather always give a noble temperament. The wooden table body and metal legs make the entire dining table and chair not too heavy. In the natural texture of white marble, the various gradation elements that transition from gray to black freely jump, just like the tabletop is lightly lined with a layer of ink painting.
The seat is a single dark brown, set off the unique noble texture of leather. When the slightly bleak white of the desktop was about to emerge from the line of sight, it was suppressed by the steady monochrome that was snuggling close to the edge. This combination was just right. The collocation of sideboards wants to make the space more complete and atmospheric. You can match two sideboards with slightly different styles, height and size, and put them side by side on the dining table side by side. One of them is a shelf design with cabinet doors, which is used to store and display tableware. The glass door design makes the cabinets more clean and hygienic.
Another cabinet with an open countertop design can be used to store appliances such as bread makers, juicers, microwave ovens, etc., which is convenient for eating and living, and more convenient for taking things.
The choice of marble tableware accessories is set against the white furniture. Pink purple is a very charming color, which can give people a romantic and warm feeling. It is very suitable to create a restaurant atmosphere.
The accessories and tableware on the dining table can choose rose red that is brighter than white and pink purple, so as to have more contrast. The flower stand next to the dining cabinet adds to the romantic and soft atmosphere of the restaurant.

TIPS decoration tips
Marble with poor material is prone to radiation. In winter, the marble table top is easy to be cold, and families with the elderly and children are best to put on a table cloth to serve meals.

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