How to choose a suitable sterilization cabinet?

2021-04-10 16:33:18 • by deer hadware

The purchase of disinfection cabinet should be considered from the following aspects.

1. Disinfection method of disinfection cabinet

In addition to high-temperature disinfection cabinets, there are many chemical and optical disinfection cabinets available on the market. When they are sterilized, the temperature is low, and the tableware can be used immediately after sterilization, so the tableware will not be damaged.

2. Look for the brand to buy

When buying, try to buy products from some big-brand manufacturers to ensure the after-sales service of the products. You should also carefully check the relevant certificates and certificates of conformity of the products.

3. The volume is not the bigger the better

The power of the daily disinfection cupboard should not be too large, 600 watts is more suitable. In terms of volume, for a family of three, a disinfection cabinet of 50 liters to 60 liters is generally sufficient; a family of more than four people can choose a disinfection cabinet of 60 liters to 80 liters.

4. Check the appearance

The exterior of the disinfection cabinet should be smooth, uniform in color, without scratches, the cabinet structure should be firm, the door seal should be tightly bonded to the door, the door switch and control devices should be convenient and flexible, and the fastening parts should not be loose.

5. Check the switch

After turning on the power indicator light, press the switches one by one to see whether each switch button is flexible and reliable; at the same time, check the working conditions of each function, and observe whether ozone discharge, heating, and ultraviolet rays can work normally from the outside. Check the door switch. Open the cabinet door, the disinfection cabinet should stop working immediately, close the door should immediately resume work or restart, repeat the test several times.

6. Perform a leak test

Do a tightness test before buying, and a well-sealed disinfection cabinet can guarantee the ozone concentration or the temperature of the disinfection room to achieve the disinfection effect. Take a small thin piece of hard paper, and if it can be easily inserted into the seam of the disinfection cabinet door, it proves that the cabinet door is not tightly sealed.

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