What to pay attention to when choosing ceramic tile?

2021-04-11 19:13:34 • by deer hadware

1. Choose merchants who are satisfied with consumers or have reliable after-sales service.

2. To shop around, consider the quality, price, service and other aspects of products of the same style and brand.

3. Ask the merchant for the product environmental protection material test report.

4. Appearance quality is in accordance with national standards.

Ceramic tiles are divided into four grades: excellent, first, second, and all others. The appearance quality can be judged by the appearance.

The main aspects of appearance are:

4.1. Chromatic aberration

Whether there is a difference in color depth between bricks of the same product name is very important. Due to the large quantity of wall and floor tiles purchased at one time, if there is obvious color difference between multiple packages, the decoration effect will be greatly affected. It is necessary to sample and compare all packaged products to observe the change of color difference. Large color difference cannot be used. Therefore, when purchasing, even if it is the same type of tiles, you should check whether the batch and color number on the package are the same.

4.2. Dimension check

It is necessary to inspect the specifications and sizes one by one. Products with a size error greater than 0.5 mm and a flatness greater than 0.1 mm will not only increase the difficulty of construction, but also have poor effects after decoration and cannot be used in engineering.

4.3. Deformation

Such as edges are not straight, warped, etc.

4.4. Is the surface smooth?

Whether the brick surface is flat, whether there are pinholes of uneven thickness, and whether the floor tiles can be knocked to listen to whether the sound is crisp. The more brittle the sound, the higher the texture density and the better hardness of the ground. You can also try to scratch the surface of the brick with a hard object. If there is a scratch, it means that the glaze is insufficient. After the glaze on the surface is polished, the brick surface is easy to contaminate and it is difficult to clean.

5. Water absorption

Pay attention to its water absorption rate. High-quality wall and floor tiles have very low water absorption rate. Wall and floor tiles with high water absorption rate will cause cracks on the surface of the tiles and peeling off of the entire wall and floor tiles after cold shrinkage and thermal expansion. When the four seasons are distinct and humid, this problem should be paid more attention to. If the water absorption rate is not indicated on the wall and floor tiles, tea or water droplets can be placed on the back of the wall and floor tiles. After a few minutes, see the spread of the water droplets. The less water is absorbed, the lower the water absorption rate and the better quality.

6. Degree of porcelain

You can tap the tiles to hear whether the sound is crisp. The crisper the sound, the higher the texture density and the better hardness of the tiles.

7. Color pattern

The color pattern can be determined according to personal preference. When choosing, pay attention to the matching of the tile color and the matching of single flowers and group flowers.

8. Contact information of the manufacturer

Understand the manufacturer's name, address, contact person, and decision-making, so that quality problems can always be contacted and resolved in time.

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