How to choose a floor drain?

2021-04-11 17:55:39 • by deer hadware

The floor drain is an important interface connecting the drainage piping system and the indoor floor. As an important part of the drainage system in a house, its performance directly affects the quality of indoor air, and it is very important to control the odor in the bathroom.

Although the floor drain is small, there are many issues to consider when choosing a suitable floor drain.

From the functional point of view, floor drains are divided into ordinary floor drains and special floor drains for washing machines.

The floor drain for washing machine has a round hole in the middle, which can be inserted into the drain pipe, and is covered with a rotatable cover. It can be covered when not in use and unscrewed when used. It is very convenient, but the anti-odor function is not as good as ordinary floor drains. However, as experts recommend that the room should not be installed and installed too much floor drains, there are currently some floor drains that are dual-purpose.

1. First look at the types of floor drains

1.1. From the point of use

Ordinary shower area floor drain, washing machine dedicated or dual purpose floor drain, deodorant floor drain core (for ordinary floor drain modification), deodorant drain connector (for hand basin, sink drain).

1.2. Divided from the internal structure

Bell-shaped shallow water-sealed floor drain, deep-water sealed floor drain, oblique baffle floor drain, bell + oblique baffle floor drain, T-shaped block floor drain, bounce floor drain, floating ball floor drain, and font floor drain.

From the bottom to the top, it is divided into: straight-through type N, L type, inverted S type, and side row type.

1.3. Divided from the process material

All copper, copper chrome plated, copper nickel plated brushed stainless steel, stainless steel wire, zinc alloy, cast iron, ABSPVC.

2. Material selection

The floor drains on the market are mainly divided into three types: stainless steel floor drains, PVC floor drains and all-copper floor drains. Since the floor drain is buried below the ground and requires a good seal, it cannot be replaced frequently, so it is very important to choose an appropriate material.

Among them, the all-copper floor drain has begun to occupy an increasing market share due to its excellent performance.

Stainless steel floor drains have been popular in the past few years because of their beautiful appearance. However, according to relevant professionals, stainless steel is expensive and has a thin coating, so it will not escape the fate of rust in a few years;

The PVC floor drain is cheap and has good deodorizing effect, but the material is too brittle and easy to age, especially in the north of the winter, the temperature is low, and it will be replaced after a long time, so the market is not optimistic;

At present, the most common copper chrome-plated floor drain on the market has a thick coating, and it is easy to clean even if patina grows over time. Under normal circumstances, the all-copper floor drain can be used for at least six years.

3. Deodorant floor drain competition

In addition to smooth drainage, deodorization is the most important thing. The floor drains currently on the market basically have an anti-odor effect.

Floor drains are mainly divided into three types according to the way of deodorization: water-proof, sealed and Austrian floor drains and three-proof floor drains.

Water and odor-resistant floor drains are the most traditional and common. It mainly uses the airtightness of water to prevent the sending and receiving of peculiar smells. In the structure of the floor drain, the water storage bay is the key. This kind of floor drain should be as deep as possible in the water storage bay, not just the beautiful appearance.

According to relevant standards, the height of the water seal for the body of the new floor drain should be 5 cm, and it has a certain ability to keep the water seal from drying out to prevent odor. Now there are some ultra-thin floor drains on the market, which are very beautiful, but the deodorization effect is not very obvious. If your bathroom space is not a bright room, it is better to choose a traditional one.

Sealing and deodorizing floor drain means adding an upper cover to the floating cover to seal the floor drain body to prevent odor. The advantage of this floor drain is that it looks modern and avant-garde, but the disadvantage is that you have to bend over to lift the lid every time you use it, which is more troublesome. However, recently there has been an improved sealed floor drain on the market. There is a spring under the upper cover. When you step on the cover with your foot, the upper cover will pop up. It is more convenient to step back when you are not using it.

The three-proof floor drain is the most advanced anti-odor floor drain so far. It is equipped with a small floating ball at the bottom of the drain pipe. The water pressure and air pressure in the sewer pipe are used daily to hold the ball to completely close the floor drain, thereby preventing odor, insects, and overflow.

4. Mistake prevention of optional installation

Understand the basic situation of the floor drain, you should also pay attention to the following issues before purchasing and installing, and don't go into the misunderstanding.

4.1. Dimensions.

The reserved holes for drainage by real estate developers are relatively large when they are handed over, and they need to be repaired by decorators. Many consumers buy floor drains at the end of the renovation based on the size of the drainage outlets that the decoration team has repaired. However, all floor drains on the market are of standard size. Therefore, it often happens that they cannot choose satisfactory products. Therefore, consumers are reminded that they should first select the floor drain they like during the design stage of the decoration, and then construct the drainage outlet according to the size of the floor drain. In addition, the hole diameter of the floor drain grate should be controlled between 6 mm and 8 mm to prevent hair, sludge, sand and other dirt from entering the floor drain.

4.2. It should be grasped that the water inlet of the multi-channel floor drain should not be too much.

The multi-channel floor drain is a product developed in recent years. A body usually has 3-4 water inlets (to undertake the washbasin, bathtub, washing machine and floor drainage). This structure not only affects the drainage of the floor drain, but also does not conform to the actual design situation. . Therefore, the water inlet of the multi-channel floor drain should not be too many, and there are two (the ground and the bathtub or the ground and the washing machine) to meet the needs.

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