How to choose a beautiful gas stove?

2021-04-10 17:11:57 • by deer hadware

The purchase of gas stoves should be considered from the following aspects.

1. Choose according to the appearance of the cooker

The cooker should be beautiful and generous. Press the handle of the countertop with your hand without obvious warpage; hold the cooker with two diagonals and twist it back and forth without obvious deformation. The panel material must not use tinplate, and the burner and flame cover should be processed finely without obvious burrs.

2. Choose according to energy saving effect

To be able to use energy to the greatest extent, it is directly manifested in ensuring that gas can be fully burned. High-efficiency stoves can not only provide higher temperatures and save energy, but also reduce the concentration of carbon monoxide generated by incomplete combustion, thereby improving safety.

3. Choose according to eating habits

Determine the type of choice based on the eating or cooking habits of family members. If you like Chinese dishes, you need a powerful stove to deal with the various tasks of frying and frying; if you are accustomed to simple Western-style meals, then a combined stove with an induction cooker and oven is a better choice.

4. Consider the convenience of use

In order to make the stove safe to use, necessary safety devices must be installed. For example, in order to prevent the burner knob switch from being turned on occasionally, the "on" and "off" positions of the knob should have obvious signs and directions, and should be a limited and self-locking device. The positions of ON, OFF, and low fire are accurately marked. When the electronic ignition switch is pulled, the sound is clear and powerful. Whether it is easy to ignite or not, the electric ignition device should be flexible and reliable. It can be ignited 8 out of 10 times. It should not fail twice in a row. Whether it is convenient to clean up and whether it will leak under the stove after the “overflow” should be considered.

5. Choose according to the decoration

Choose the right product according to the actual situation of your own home. For example, built-in is now the most popular style of stove, but if the kitchen at home is difficult to remodel, then you can only use a desktop stove, which is economical and safe. In addition, if it is a large family where several generations live together, it may need a three-eye or multi-eye stove to make everyone start the meal on time, and if it is a small family of two people, then-a simple function, small structure, double eyes or even single eye The stove is enough.

6. Choose the type of gas

Gas is roughly divided into three categories: liquefied petroleum gas (Y), artificial gas (R), and natural gas (T). The calorific value and gas pressure of these three types of gases are different, so the structure and size of the gas stove nozzle and burner head are also different. If the type of stove does not match the gas, the burning situation is bad and cannot meet the requirements of use; In severe cases, there will be dangers, accidents, or even no use at all. The gas stove is marked with the applicable gas type on the nameplate, so you must distinguish it before choosing the stove.

TIPS Decoration tips Large heat load is often the primary condition for many people to choose stoves. In fact, excessive heat load not only wastes energy, but also easily produces a large amount of carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides and other skin gas, which affects health.

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