What are the methods of furniture maintenance?

2021-04-12 15:31:52 • by deer hadware

Different materials of furniture maintenance and cleaning methods are also different, so you can make reference from the following aspects to choose the furniture maintenance and maintenance methods suitable for your own home.

1. Maintenance of fabric furniture

1.1 use

Vacuum at least once a week, especially to remove dust between fabric structures. If the cushion can be turned over, it should be turned over once a week to make the wear evenly distributed.

Should avoid body with sweat, water stains and mud dust on the furniture, in order to ensure the service life of furniture. If it is found that the thread is loose, it can not be broken by hand, and it should be cut flat with scissors.

1.2. Cleaning

If there is a stain, you can use a clean cloth dipped in water to wipe, in order to avoid leaving marks, it is best to wipe from the outside of the stain. Velvet furniture can not be dipped in water, should use dry cleaning agent. All cloth covers and bushes should be cleaned by dry cleaning, not water cleaning, no bleaching.

2. leather furniture maintenance

2.1. use

Do not expose to sunlight, it will cause the leather to crack and fade. Leather has strong absorption, should pay attention to anti pollution, high-grade ground leather should pay attention to.

If any hole, rag, burn and other phenomena are found, please do not repair without authorization. Please contact professional service personnel.

2.2. cleaning

Dry with a clean towel and dry it with water, and then repeat several times for soil swab. If there is any stain on the leather, wipe with a clean wet sponge dipped in a warm detergent and let it dry naturally.

If you turn over the drink on leather, it should be dried with clean cloth and sponge immediately, and wiped with wet cloth to let it dry naturally. Do not dry with wind. If grease is applied, dry cloth can be used to wipe clean, and the remaining ones will be dissipated naturally, or cleaned with special cleaning agent, and water is not allowed to wipe.

3. maintenance of wooden furniture

3.1. use

Often use soft cloth along the wood texture, for furniture dust. Before dust removal, the soft cloth should be dipped with detergent, and dry cloth should not be used to wipe; furniture should be used in a dry environment, and measures of artificial humidification shall be taken; every 6 months to 12 months, a layer of wax shall be applied to furniture with paste wax to avoid contacting corrosive liquid on the furniture surface.

3.2. cleaning

If there is any water trace, it can be spread on the water track with clean absorbent paper and pressed on it with a heated iron. Also can be used salad oil, toothpaste, after which dry, waxing. If white printing occurs, apply the cloth with a mixture of ash and lemon juice or salad oil, and then apply wax after drying. If you accidentally have scratches and dents, use cotton balls or brush to apply shoes oil with similar colors on the surface of furniture.

4. marble furniture maintenance

Marble is easy to stain. When cleaning, it should be less water, wipe with a cloth with mild detergent regularly, and then dry and polish with clean soft cloth. For minor scratches, special marble cleaners and care agents are available. For old or valuable marble furniture, professional personnel should be asked to handle. The worn marble furniture is difficult to handle, and can be wiped with steel wool and then polished with electric polishing machine to restore its luster. Or use liquid detergent to wipe carefully, but lemon juice can be used to clean the stains. However, the time for lemon juice to stay on it should not exceed 2 minutes. If necessary, it can be repeated and then cleaned and dried.

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