How to maintain the range hood?

2021-04-12 19:25:26 • by deer hadware

Range hoods are used every day, and you still need to know some necessary maintenance and common sense. Range hood maintenance and maintenance are related to the following aspects.

1. The installation height of the range hood should be appropriate

In this way, it can not only ensure no meeting, but also ensure the effect of the range hood. The power socket of the range hood must use a special socket with a reliable ground wire.

2. Avoid excessive noise or vibration of the range hood

We should clean the range hood regularly to prevent the motor, turbine and the inner surface of the range hood from getting too much oil. Causes oil dripping, oil leakage, etc. If you are using a turbo-type range hood, you can spray the kitchen grease cleaner into the range hood. After the detergent is applied, turn on the switch of the range hood and use centrifugal force to remove the softened grease. If you are using an oil net type range hood, remove the oil net and clean it after soaking in hot alkaline water or degreasing agent.

3. Simple and easy steam flushing method

The cold water in the pressure cooker boils. When the steam is continuously discharged, remove the pressure limiting valve, turn on the range hood, and aim the steam water column at the rotating fan blade.
As the high-temperature steam continuously rushes into the fan blades and other parts, the oily sewage will flow into the waste oil cup through the pipe.

4. Clean up in time

The dirty oil in the oil cup should be cleaned up in time, and it should be discarded when it is 70% full to avoid spilling and contaminating the body.

5. The range hood should be turned on in advance before cooking

When using the range hood, maintain air circulation in the kitchen, which can prevent the air in the kitchen from forming negative pressure and ensure the suction capacity of the range hood. When you finish cooking the last dish, don't turn off the switch immediately, let the cooker hood exhaust the remaining vapor as much as possible. After turning off the switch, wipe the surface of the range hood easily. At this time, the oil and gas are still hot and it is easiest to clean.

6. Consumers should not open it without authorization

The range hood is cleaned because once the motor is not installed, the smoking effect cannot be guaranteed. And it will increase the noise, it is best to let the manufacturer's professional cleaning. ) Be careful not to wash the motor by yourself. The motor of the range hood needs to be refueled once a year. One thing to note when using sewing machine oil is that you should not wash the motor when cleaning the range hood.

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