How to maintain the disinfection cabinet in the kitchen?

2021-04-12 19:43:57 • by deer hadware

The maintenance and maintenance of the disinfection cabinet is related to the following aspects.

1. Location

In a dry and ventilated place with no debris, the distance from the wall should not be less than 30 cm. The power socket of the disinfection cabinet must be installed with a reliable grounding wire. The location is far away from high temperature, humidity, and corrosive environment, and there are no flammable materials around; the four feet of the disinfection cabinet should be firmly padded, and all the protective materials of the original packaging should be removed.

2. Door seal

Whether it is well sealed to avoid heat loss or ozone overflow, which will affect the disinfection effect.

3. Attention should be paid when using

If you find that the quartz heating tube does not generate heat, or you cannot hear the "squeaking" sound produced by the high-voltage discharge of the ozone generator. It means that the disinfection cabinet is malfunctioning. At this time, you should stop using it or send it to the maintenance department for repair.

4. Clean the dishes and keep them dry

This can shorten the disinfection time and reduce power consumption. Tableware such as bowls, plates, cups, etc. should be placed vertically on the shelf. And don't stack them up, in order to pass people and disinfect as soon as possible.

5. Disinfection

It should not be placed in the lower high-temperature disinfection cabinet, but should be placed in the upper-level ozone disinfection cabinet to avoid damage to the tableware. Putting colored porcelain utensils in the disinfection cabinet will release harmful substances and endanger human health.

6. Cutlery location

Use sockets of specified specifications according to the needs of placing tableware. Hands and utensils should not touch the radiant panel to avoid scalding and damage to the parts.

7. Clean and maintain the disinfection cabinet regularly

Pour out the water in the water collection box at the bottom of the cabinet and wash it. When cleaning the disinfection cabinet, first unplug the power plug and wipe the inner and outer surfaces of the disinfection cabinet with a clean damp cloth.

It is forbidden to rinse the disinfection cabinet with water. If it is too dirty, first wipe with a damp cloth dipped in neutral detergent, then wipe the detergent with a clean damp cloth, and finally wipe off the water with a dry cloth. When cleaning, be careful not to hit the heating tube or the ozone generator. Note that hot water, gasoline, alcohol, washing powder, alkaline detergent should not be used for cleaning. It is strictly forbidden to flush the cabinet with water directly to prevent the electrical insulation performance from degrading, which may cause great danger to the user.

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