How to maintain the washing machine?

2021-04-12 18:53:16 • by deer hadware

The maintenance and maintenance of washing machines are related to the following aspects.

1. Pay attention before use

Consumers should read the instruction manual of the washing machine carefully, and keep in mind the above methods of use and precautions. The most important thing is to follow them.

2. The placement of the washing machine is also particular

It should be placed on a flat ground, and a distance of more than 5 cm from walls and other objects must be maintained. Do not place heavy objects on the washing machine to avoid damage to the washing machine.

3. The safe voltage of the washing machine

Please refer to the manual for the rated voltage of the washing machine for safe use. The voltage of each country is different, and the motor may be damaged if it exceeds this range. -Do not use multiple electrical equipment on one socket to avoid current overload.

4. Pay attention before washing

Take out the coins and sundries in your pocket. For clothes with metal buttons, you should buckle the metal buttons and turn the clothes over so that the metal buttons are not exposed to prevent metal and other hard objects from damaging the washing tub and the pulsator during the washing process.
Sand, hard objects, and sandy soil will get into the washing bucket, which will wear the shaft seal and cause water leakage. The hard objects will damage or jam the impeller, causing the motor to overload and burn out.

5. Do not wash too much

The amount of water must not be lower than the off-line mark, so as to prevent the motor from overheating due to excessive load, causing insulation aging and affecting its life.
Ordinary washing machines indicate the washing weight of laundry. If too much laundry is put in the laundry, not only will the roll be poor, the wear rate will be high, and the cleanliness will be low, but it may also cause overload and burn the motor.

6. Clothes with flammable solvents should not be put in the washing machine

If you find that the washing machine is running abnormally, does not start, the speed is significantly slower, smokes, leaks, leaks, or has a burnt smell, you should immediately cut off the power supply and use it after troubleshooting.

7. Clean up the debris in the filter

Drain the sewage, and then wash the washing machine barrel with clean water; wipe the water droplets and stagnant water inside and outside the washing machine with a dry cloth;
restore the knobs and buttons on the operation panel to their original positions; the drain switch indicator is in the off position, and place it in a dry and ventilated place .

8. Ensure good safety

For some reasons, when the insulation performance of the electrical part is reduced or destroyed, the metal shell will be charged. At this time, if the human body comes into contact with water-immersed clothing or metal casing, it will cause an electric shock. Therefore, when using the washing machine, we must pay attention to the safety and goodness of the grounding wire.

9. Unplug the power in time

The power plug must be unplugged to prevent the washing machine from being in a standby state for a long time. When the washing machine needs to be repaired, please contact your local repair technical service center, or ask qualified personnel to repair it.

10. Pay attention to water consumption

Generally, when washing 1.5 kilograms of clothing, the water consumption is about 30 kilograms; 

3 kilograms to 5 kilograms of clothing is about 50 kilograms. 

Only with moderate water can the clothes roll evenly, and the washing degree will be improved. The temperature of the washing water should not be too high, generally 40%, so as not to scald the drum or cause the plastic to age and deform.

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