What should we pay attention to when using TV?

2021-04-12 16:13:59 • by deer hadware

The TV is a very complicated machine. As long as one of the components or welding points fails, the whole machine will not work normally or at all. Therefore, the maintenance of the TV is very important. Good maintenance can avoid major accidents and reduce the damage to the TV.

1. Voltage

It should be checked whether the power supply voltage of the TV matches the local power grid voltage.

2. Choose an appropriate location

Because the structure of the house reflects the TV signal, the signal strength is different at different locations in the same room. Therefore, when possible, an appropriate location should be selected to make the TV signal the strongest and the ghost to be the smallest, so as to improve the viewing effect.

3. Signal

The signal is weak, and the indoor antenna has little effect. Consider choosing an appropriate outdoor antenna; to prevent lightning strikes, you should install a lightning arrester or a line switch.

4. When an abnormality occurs in the machine

Please turn off the power and unplug it immediately. When it is confirmed that it is abnormal, do not continue to use it. Please ask a professional for inspection and repair.

5. When the TV is not used for a long time

If you are out for a long time or do not watch TV for a long time, you must turn off the TV, unplug the power plug, and disconnect the antenna from the machine during the thunderstorm season.

6. Cannot watch TV during a thunderstorm

Before the thunderstorm arrives, unplug the power plug and antenna to prevent lightning strikes. According to the national "Three Guarantees" regulations, the lightning striker is not covered by the free warranty.

7. TV sets are particularly easy to absorb dust

Since the TV is easy to absorb dust, it should be placed in a clean, well-ventilated environment. After 2 to 3 years, professionals should be asked to clean the dust inside the machine. Be careful of liquid and metal entering the TV body. If any liquid or metal falls into the machine, it must not be turned on again and should be handled by professionals as soon as possible.

8. TV sets that are not frequently used are easy to cause damage

In a relatively humid environment, it is very necessary to turn on the TV frequently and use the internal heat to drive away the moisture in the machine.

9. The TV should not be switched on and off frequently

Because the picture tube is energized in the cold state, its initial current is very large, and frequent switching will undoubtedly affect the service life of the TV.

10. Should not be on standby for a long time

Should not be on standby for a long time. When the remote control color TV is not watching TV programs, it should not be in a "waiting" state for a long time, and it should be turned off in time.


Do not place magnetic objects around the TV. Do not place magnetic objects, and do not allow children to shake the magnets in front of the TV, so as not to cause the TV's color disorder.


Failure to use chemical reagents to wipe machine solvents may deteriorate the cabinet and damage its painted surface. If there is dust or dirt, wipe it with a damp cloth after turning off the TV for 10 minutes. The fluorescent screen can be wiped with a clean soft cloth. The dust-proof fluorescent screen cannot be wiped, if there is dust, it can be lightly dusted with soft silk.

13. Remote control

Sweat, greasy, moisture, and dirt on your hands can easily seep into the motherboard from the remote control buttons, causing short circuits or poor button contact. Therefore, you should put a plastic bag to protect it. The remote control battery should be checked and replaced regularly to prevent battery leakage from corroding the printed board.

14. Screen

Scrubbing the plasma screen with water will leave spots like oil stains or water marks, and this damage is also permanent. The plasma screen can be cleaned with a special cleaning liquid, or gently wiped with a dry and soft towel. Frequent cleaning of dust should be done at a certain level, too often, it will damage the TV screen

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