How to care for your microwave?

2021-04-12 20:22:50 • by deer hadware

The microwave oven is a product with relatively low technical content in home appliances. There is high voltage inside the machine, so you must be cautious when maintaining and maintaining it.

1. Use of microwave oven

Before performing maintenance on the inside of the microwave oven, first turn off the power switch and unplug the power plug. During maintenance, do not think that the power has been cut off, because the high-voltage capacitor in the high-voltage circuit of the microwave oven has been charged, and there is still high-voltage in it, so be careful to wipe it.

2.When processing food

Do not use enamel or metal containers to hold food. Use ceramic or glass utensils. When cooking food, if it is food with a shell, break the shell, otherwise it is easy to explode.

3. When the microwave oven is not in use

It is best to put a cup of water in the oven cavity to avoid the microwave oven running without load. If the microwave oven is triggered by mistake, the microwave energy will be absorbed by the water. Do not use the microwave oven as a storage cabinet.

Pay attention to the location of the microwave oven: Do not place the microwave oven around magnetic materials, otherwise it will reduce the working efficiency of the microwave oven.

4. Pay attention to protect the furnace door

It is best not to bump or twist the oven door to avoid leakage of the microwave oven. When there is an abnormality or problem with the microwave oven, it needs to be repaired by professionals. Do not maintain or continue using it yourself.

5. After daily use

Please unplug the power plug from the power socket. Use a damp cloth to wipe off the dirt on the furnace door, in the furnace cavity and on the glass plate.

6. Pay attention to when cleaning

If it is not cleaned in time every day, it is best to use a container to heat some water into steam after repeated use to soften the dirt in the furnace. Wipe with a damp cloth, the dirt can be easily removed. If the dirt is serious, it can also be scrubbed with neutral detergent or soapy water. Be sure not to use granular detergents, acid or alkaline detergents to wipe any part of the microwave oven. Do not use solvents, volatile agents, detergents, alkaline soaps, metal brushes and other irritating or harsh materials to clean the microwave oven to prevent discoloration, deformation and surface scratches. Use a soft cloth when cleaning.

7. Do not disassemble parts at will

Please do not remove any parts except the plate holder, turntable, and ball ring. Especially the body shell, so as to avoid damage to the microwave oven and the risk of electric shock.

8. Handling afterwards

No matter after the microwave oven is used or after cleaning and scrubbing, there will be water vapor or moisture in the oven cavity. Therefore, afterwards, use a dry cloth to wipe dry or slightly open the oven door to make it ventilate and dry, which will greatly reduce the failure rate of the microwave oven and prolong the service life of the microwave oven.

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