How to simply choose a TV?

2021-04-08 14:13:11 • by deer hadware

The selection criteria for TV sets can be considered from the following aspects.

1. The size of the TV should be appropriate

The size should be determined by the distance to watch TV at home, and the viewing distance that does not damage the eyes is the primary condition. If you want to use it in the living room, 42 inches is the best choice. One thing to note is that the display size of the plasma TV screen will be 1 inch to 2 inches larger than the CRT display; that is to say, if the size of the plasma display and the CRT display are both 32 inches, the plasma display should be 33 inches. The display size above inches is slightly larger than that of the picture tube display.

2. The contrast of the TV screen should be high

Only high contrast can reproduce the black level. If the contrast is low, the original black level will become gray and white, and the image will become flat and lack realism. It is actually very easy to observe the contrast level when purchasing. Generally, the display screen of the cheaper plasma TV will be yellowish when there is no picture signal: while the higher price will be darker and the contrast will be higher. You can check whether the screen is dark enough when there is no face-to-face input. Use this to judge the quality.

3. High definition

In fact, definition should be divided into static definition and dynamic definition. The former is mainly affected by factors such as resolution and contrast, while the latter is mainly affected by time. In the implemented high-definition standards, the "image intelligibility (static) moving image trailing time" is used to assess the definition performance of flat-panel TVs. Whether there are dead pixels on the screen Before buying, consumers will carefully observe whether there are bright spots and dark spots on the screen, which is a good habit. When choosing an LCD TV, set the screen to full green and full blue, look for dark spots when the screen is full green, and bright spots when the screen is full blue,-once there are bright spots or dark spots, it is easy to see.

3.1. LCD TV

Also known as LCD TV. It is a display technology that uses the optical anisotropy of liquid crystals to modulate external light under the action of an electric field to realize information display. It adopts a color soul sensor, and the liquid crystal display is easy to realize color display. Color thin waist liquid crystal display 1T1-LD ) Comes with branch cars. Features such as low working voltage, you can make screens of various sizes. The advantages of LCD TV are beautiful, long service life, environmental protection and energy saving, and so on.

3.2. RDP TV

It is an active light-emitting flat panel display that uses inert gas to generate gas discharge under the action of a certain voltage to form plasma, emits vacuum ultraviolet rays and then excites three primary colors and luminescent phosphors to emit visible light. The advantages of plasma TVs are thin and light body, large screen, ultra-wide viewing angle, immunity to electromagnetic interference, and strong durability.

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