How to quickly choose a washing machine?

2021-04-08 18:43:43 • by deer hadware

The purchase of washing machines should be considered from the following aspects.

1. Choose good quality and good reputation

First of all, we must choose some brands with old brands, good quality and high credibility, because the products of these brands generally have been technically monitored by the relevant national departments, and have good safety performance. The washing ratio, dehydration rate, wear rate, noise, etc. meet the national standards. .

2. Cleanliness and wear rate

The drum washing machine simulates hand rubbing, and the washing degree is uniform, the wear rate is low, and the clothes are not easily entangled; the washing rate of the pulsator washing machine is 10% higher than that of the drum washing machine, and the wear rate is naturally 10% higher than that of the drum washing machine.
In terms of cleanliness, the cleaning ratio of the pulsator washing machine and the drum washing machine is greater than 0.7%, the wear rate of the pulsator washing machine is less than 0.15%, and the drum washing machine is less than 0.10%.

3. Power consumption and water consumption

The washing power of the drum washing machine is generally 200 watts. If the water temperature is increased to 60 degrees Celsius, it will take 1 hour to wash clothes and the power consumption is 1.5 degrees. In contrast, the power of a pulsator washing machine is generally 400 watts, and it only takes up to 40 minutes to wash clothes. In terms of water consumption, the drum washing machine is 50% of the pulsator washing machine.

4. Low noise and failure rate

Generally, washing machines with low noise are directly driven by a DC permanent magnet brushless motor, which effectively prevents the generation of noise, removes the noise caused by mechanical rotation of traditional washing machines, and saves 60% of electricity compared with AC motors. Generally speaking, the lower the noise level and the longer the trouble-free operation time, the better the quality of the washing machine.

5. Choose according to habits and conditions

Which washing machine to buy depends on your own living habits and family conditions. First of all, make sure that the clothing materials that are often washed, such as wool and silk clothing are more, it is recommended to buy a drum washing machine.

6. Consider capacity and floor space

Generally speaking, the top-loading drum washing machine occupies the smallest area, 0.24 per square meter, and other drum washing machines occupy the same area as the pulsator washing machine. The pulsator washing machine has a capacity of 2 kg to 6 kg, and the drum washing machine has a capacity of 3 kg to 5 kg.

7. Visual inspection

Open the packing box and check the appearance quality of the washing machine.
The appearance is required to be beautiful and generous, flat and clean, elegant in color, and clear in lines; there is no scratch on the surface of the box, and the paint is hard and bright;
The plastic parts have no warping, no burrs, cracks, etc.; the inner surface of the washing bucket should be smooth, and the gap between the pulsator and the bucket should be between 1 mm and 1.5 mm.
Rotate the impeller by hand, it can turn left and right flexibly, and there is no abnormal sound. Press the switch on the control panel by hand to rotate the timer or process controller, and the action should be flexible and free.

8. Power-on inspection

Connect the power supply, turn the pointer of the program controller to the OFF or rinse program in time, turn on the power of the program controller, and you should hear a slight "hum" sound when the water inlet solenoid valve is working. When you touch the water inlet connector with your hand There is a feeling of vibration, indicating that the inlet valve is normal.
If there is no feeling of sound or vibration, turn off the programmer, turn it clockwise to the level of drainage, and then start the programmer. If you hear a high "boom" sound from the drain solenoid valve, it indicates that the input circuit and solenoid valve are intact .
Connect the water and power supply, set the pointer of the program controller to the washing or rinsing program, the water level selector is at the low water level, start the program controller, the tap water should flow into the bucket, when the water level is up to 20 cm, the pulsator of the automatic washing machine should rotate , At the same time, the water inlet valve should be closed to cut off the water. If water can't flow into the bucket after starting the program controller, but the pulsator rotates, this is an "interference" fault in an anhydrous state.

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