How to choose a suitable household microwave oven?

2021-04-09 20:11:13 • by deer hadware

The selection criteria for microwave ovens should be considered from the following aspects.

1. Shop on demand

Choosing a microwave oven should be decided according to the purpose, family population and economic conditions. The mechanical single-function type is cheaper and is suitable for household heating, thawing and disinfection.
The electronic multi-function type is relatively expensive, but has many functions. Under normal circumstances, a family of three to five people can buy a microwave oven with an output of 600 watts. If you have more than five people, you can choose a 900-watt microwave.
The customer volume of microwave ovens ranges from 15 liters to 30 liters, which is also a factor that consumers need to consider when choosing.

2. Check the appearance

The appearance quality should be carefully observed to see if the microwave oven door can be closed tightly, and the metal shell should not have too large gaps. Turn the timer knob of the electromechanical microwave oven once, and there is no obvious sense of jamming. When it is turned to the highest or lowest scale position, it should be in place and not "cross the line".

When turning the timer to zero, you can hear a slight ringing.
When checking the output power effect, you can put a cup of 2000 ml of clean water in the oven cavity, and a 500 watt microwave oven can heat it in 4 minutes.
Relatively speaking, the after-sales service of domestic famous brand products is more guaranteed, and consumers can use them with confidence.

3. Ensure safety

Microwave radiation is harmful to the human body, and the microwave leakage of qualified microwave ovens is lower than the national standard value.
The inspection method is to sandwich a piece of thin paper in the crack of the microwave oven door. The door is closed tightly and pulled out like lightly, indicating that the oven door is not tight and the possibility of microwave leakage is high.
You can also put a radio on the microwave when the microwave is working. If the noise is very loud, it means that the microwave leakage of the machine is serious.

4. Turn on the power

If it is a computer-controlled microwave oven, there should be a clear, rapid and clear response on the display screen after pressing the control button. The operating procedures of the computer-controlled microwave oven are relatively cumbersome. You can test several commonly used procedures with the help of a salesperson to verify whether the various working methods of the microwave oven are normal.

If it is a microwave oven with "grill" function, you can turn the control button to the "grill" position and start the microwave. After 5 to 10 minutes, you can see the red light from the electric heating component on the top of the oven cavity.
Some of the "microwave" and "grill" functions in the microwave oven with the "grill" function can work at the same time, and some work alternately.

According to the instructions on the manual, these functions can be debugged and checked with the help of the salesperson.

TIPS decoration tips
The microwave oven is a kind of high-end household appliances. When used improperly, not only can it not heat the food well, but it may also damage the microwave oven. Pay attention to the following points when using:
1. When there is no food in the microwave oven, it is strictly forbidden to turn on the power, so as to avoid the microwave back to the magnetron in the no-load state, causing damage.
2. Do not use metal containers to hold food and put it in a microwave oven. Since microwaves cannot penetrate metal utensils, not only can the food not be heated, but the large amount of reflected microwaves can also damage the magnetron. For some foods packaged in metal-covered paper, the package should be removed first, and then heated in a microwave oven.
3. Due to the short heating time and high thermal efficiency of the microwave oven, do not put the airtight container head, bottled food, and eggs in the microwave oven, so as to avoid the explosion accident caused by the expansion. If it is necessary to put it in for heating, the container should be capped and the bottle cap should be opened, but the eggs should not be heated.

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