How to choose good quality tiles?

2021-04-02 17:12:23 • by deer hadware

When buying ceramic tiles, you should go to the building materials market to collect promotional materials from various manufacturers and ask for prices. The purchase of home improvement tiles is considered from the following aspects.

1. Pick a brand

Brand represents the comprehensive strength of the company's products, and it includes connotations such as technology, quality, and service. Consumers must choose products with good reputation when purchasing products. In addition, large companies and brand-name companies have strong pre-sales, mid-sales, and after-sales service capabilities. They are creditworthy and promise, and users will provide professional technical answers and services if they encounter any problems after use.

2. Check the certificate

When buying stone and building ceramics products in the building materials market, you must ask the distributor for the product radioactivity test report, pay attention to whether the report is the original, whether the name of the merchant in the report matches the name of the purchased product, and the category of the test result.

3. Check the appearance

The better the tile, the smoother the surface. The glaze surface is uniform, smooth, smooth, bright, and the color is the same as the top grade; The surface has particles, is not smooth, the color is different, the thickness is uneven, even the uneven, the cloud is inferior. Good quality tiles have the same color and no color cast phenomenon. The main reason is that the best raw materials are used. After scientific proportioning, the tiles have strong stability. So when buying a tile, you must pay attention to whether its color texture is consistent.

4. Pick a style

Generally speaking, the price of glazed tiles is low, the price of vitrified tiles is high, and the price of polished tiles is higher. White and light-colored tiles have a clean and clean feeling, and patterned tiles have a lively feeling. Indoor wall tiles are mostly 152mm x 152mm, while 152mm x 200mm tiles are relatively new. Most household floor tiles use 300mm x 300mm.

5. Compare weight

Good quality tiles are heavy and solid. This is mainly due to the choice of raw materials, the better the ceramic tiles, the greater the mechanical pressure during processing, so the weight is heavier. In addition, good-quality floor tiles have uniform specifications, uniform thickness, and no corners, such as corners.

6. Listen to the sound

Take one brick to knock another, or use another hard object to knock a brick. If the sound of the brick is crisp and loud, it means that the brick is of good quality and well-fired; If the sound is abnormal, it means that there is heavy leather or cracks in the brick. Heavy leather means that when the brick is formed, the air in the material is not exhausted, resulting in poor bonding and internal cracks between the material and the material, which cannot be seen from the surface, and can only be identified by listening to the sound.

Decoration tips Take a brick and measure whether its side length meets the requirements. Then take several bricks and stack them together to compare whether the size is the same. Take two bricks side by side and see whether the side seam is small and straight, and the side straightness is good. Then buckle the two bricks together to see if the gap is really small, and the flatness is good. Whether the brick surface is concave or convex, it is better to be flat and slightly convex.

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