What are the classifications of paint used on furniture?

2021-04-05 07:53:27 • by deer hadware

1. Polyester paint

Polyester originally uses polyester fat as the main film-forming material. Deep unsaturated polyester commonly used in high-end furniture. It is commonly known as "piano paint". The characteristics of unsaturated polyester paint are:
1.1.- The thickness of the film can be up to 1 millimeter in one application. It is unmatched by other lacquer types.
1.2. The paint film is plump, clear and transparent, and its hardness and gloss are higher than other paints.
1.3. The performance of water resistance, heat resistance and short-term mild fire resistance is better than other paints.
1.4. Unsaturated polyester paint has poor flexibility and is easy to be brittle under stress. It is not easy to repair once the paint film is damaged, so care should be taken to protect the furniture when moving.

2. Polyurethane paint

The polyurethane paint film is hard and wear-resistant, and has a higher gloss after polishing. Its water resistance, heat resistance, acid and alkali resistance are good, and it is a high-quality, high-grade wood paint.

3. Acrylic paint

Acrylic paint is a coating made of a copolymer of methacrylate and acrylate, including water-white varnish and pure white enamel paint. The acrylic paint film is bright and hard, with good color and gloss retention properties. Water resistance, good adhesion, polished and modified paint film is smooth like a mirror, and can last for a long time.

4. Matte paint

Matte paint is mainly varnish, mixed with appropriate amount of matting agent and auxiliary materials. Due to the different amount of matting agent, the gloss of the paint strands is also different. The gloss of the matt paint film is soft, even thin, flat and smooth, temperature resistant, water resistant, acid and alkali resistant.

5. Nitro paint

Nitro paint is also called spray paint or wax. It is mainly made of nitrocellulose, added with synthetic resin, toughening agent, solvent and diluent to make the base material. The transparent base without nutrients is nitro varnish, and the opaque corrugated body with color is nitro enamel.
Nitro-lacquer film can be polished to obtain a high gloss, and it is a commonly used paint with better decorative properties. Selenium-based paint has poor adhesion to the belly, and the hardness of the paint film is not as good as polyurethane paint, unsaturated polyester paint and acrylic paint.

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