How to choose a lamp?

2021-04-05 07:19:23 • by deer hadware

The purchase of lamps can be considered from the following aspects.

1. Lighting of each space

First, determine the illuminance. Different places such as living room, bedroom, study room, entrance hall, corridor, balcony, bathroom, etc., use different appropriate illuminance.
Second, arrange the lamps reasonably, and choose different lamps for different spaces, shapes and decorative styles.
Third, pay special attention to the color of the lamp itself and the color of the light. Alternately used lamps are commonly used in combination with chandeliers, ceiling lamps, wall lamps and table lamps.

2. Factors that should be considered when choosing lamps and lanterns

First of all, energy saving and power saving must be considered. High-efficiency energy-saving lamps or energy-saving light sources should be used.
Second, reduce the loss of distribution lines.
Third, under the premise of not affecting work, study, and life, appropriately reduce the illuminance.
Fourth, improve the utilization factor and maintenance factor of lamps, and choose high-quality, durable lamps to avoid frequent replacement or maintenance.
Fifth, choose the lamps reasonably, and make the lamps suitable for the size and type of the indoor space and the purpose of the room. Finally, it is necessary to reflect people's tastes, hobbies and cultural accomplishments. Different ages, occupations, hobbies, and family environment layouts are different. Choose different lamps according to your own creativity to achieve beautiful and economical effects.

3. Choose the right light color

The living room is mainly used for meeting guests and family reunions, so the lighting should be bright; the bedroom is mainly a place for people to rest, and the lighting should be softer, such as yellow, which is conducive to sleep;
For the kitchen to choose dishes and cook, it is best to use bright lamps. If the light is too dark, it will easily cause depression; the light in the bathroom can be softer, and you can put some small lights on the decorative mirror in front of the washbasin;
The light in the study must be bright, and people tend to doze off in dim light.

4. Choose according to the size of the area

-Ordinary people want to install a chandelier that highlights the noble atmosphere in the living room, but if the living room area is too small, the chandelier will appear to be crowded and narrow, and inconsistent with the living room. Therefore, it is best to choose a chandelier with a diameter of less than 20 mm for a small living room. Ceiling lights or wall lights. Conventionally, a living room below 129 square meters is a small living room; a chandelier can be selected for a living room of about 15 square ↑, but the diameter of the lamp is preferably between 300 mm and 400 mm, and the entrance will be a bit exaggerated. .

After buying the lamp, don’t be busy installing it. You should carefully read the label of the lamp and read the installation and operation manual. Install the lamp in accordance with the manual. Use the lamp according to the rules of use in the manual. Replace the aging lamp in time according to the light source parameters provided by the label. When the lamp tube is found to be red at both ends and the lamp tube does not light up, it should be replaced in time to prevent unsafe phenomena such as ballast burnout. During cleaning and maintenance, you should pay attention not to change the structure of the lamp, and do not change the parts of the lamp casually. After the cleaning and maintenance, you should install the lamp as it is, and do not miss or install the lamp parts.

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