How to choose green paint?

2021-04-03 17:05:55 • by deer hadware

The emergence of green paint is undoubtedly a guarantee of health. The so-called green paint is a paint that can protect the environment. It is non-toxic and odorless, and can inhibit the growth of mold. When choosing paint, the following points are what you must pay attention to.

1. Pay attention to the brand when buying

It is best to choose products produced by well-known large companies. Also observe whether there is rust or leakage at the joints of the iron barrels. Pay attention to whether the markings on the iron barrels are complete and complete. For imported products, see if there are any Chinese comparison instructions.

2. The environmental certification mark must be clearly seen

When buying paint, try to choose a regular sales and operation store and choose well-known products. The real green paint must bear the "Ten Rings" mark issued by the China Environmental Labeling Product Certification Committee. Don't blindly believe in the word "international" on coatings, because it is only the "standard" for indoor wall coatings to enter the market, and it is the most basic quality requirement.

3. Look at the total organic volatile content of the product

Check the product quality inspection report carefully, pay particular attention to the total volatile organic content (VOC) of the coating. Organic volatiles pose a great harm to our living environment and ourselves. Toluene, xylene, methyl ethyl ketone, acetate, etc. are all restricted. We should minimize the amount of these solvents. The current national standards for the VOC content of coatings should not exceed 200 points/liter, better coatings are below 100 g/liter, and environmentally friendly coatings are best when it is close to zero. Responsible brands restrict the use of toxic solvents. Generally speaking, after the coating is dried, its solvent can basically be volatilized, but this requires a process, especially for coatings that are cured at room temperature. If the solvent is toxic, it will cause great harm to human health if the user touches it for a long time.

4. An effective method to identify the quality of paint

The protective glue solution layer of high-quality colorful paint is colorless or slightly yellow, and clear. The surface is usually free of floating objects. If there is a pungent smell in the paint, do not buy it. After gently stirring and lifting with the stick, the paint stays on the stick for a longer time and the coverage is even, indicating that the quality is better; lightly twist by hand, the more delicate the better. If the paint is severely stratified, it means that the quality is relatively poor.

5. Choose different paints for different wall bases

Considering the hiding power and adhesion of the paint itself, different paints should be selected for different wall base layers. Such as concrete and cement base layers, the coatings are required to have good alkali resistance and hiding properties, and latex paint, scrubbing-resistant interior wall coatings, colorful pattern coatings, etc. can be selected; for lime and plaster walls, do not choose enamel coatings, etc.; in wood It is better to use non-alkaline paint on the base layer.

TIPS decoration tips
Green environmental protection coatings have versatility, such as anti-mildew, anti-radiation, anti-ultraviolet, flame-retardant, etc., while traditional coatings are relatively simple. The performance indicators of green environmental protection coatings are more reasonable, such as gloss, permeability, moisture-proof and breathable performance, heat resistance, frost resistance, adhesion, etc., are all improved compared with traditional coatings.

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