How to choose switches and sockets?

2021-04-03 19:02:14 • by deer hadware

The selection criteria for switches and sockets can be considered from the following aspects.

1. Look at the seller

To buy switch products, go to more formal stores or large shopping malls. Do not go to small merchants and hawkers for cheap, because there are more fake and inferior products. When purchasing, check whether the manufacturer's name and address are on the product packaging.
The product must have a specification model (10A 250V or 16A 250V).
You can ask the distributor to provide a product quality inspection report.
Because the switch product is a national compulsory certification product, when buying it-be sure to confirm whether the product has passed the "3C" certification.

2. Look at the brand

Because the quality of the switch is related to the normal use of electrical appliances and even the convenience of life.
Most well-known brands will make effective promises to consumers, such as "usable for 15 years", "guaranteed 12 years of service life", and "can be switched on and off continuously for 10,000 times".
Therefore, when purchasing switches and sockets, consumers should go to the specialty stores or sales points designated by the regular manufacturers as much as possible, and ask for the purchase invoices, so as to ensure the enjoyment of future after-sales service.

3. Look at the appearance

Consumers should pay attention to the marks on the base of the switch and socket when purchasing, including the Great Wall Certification (CCEE), rated current and voltage. There should be a clear address and telephone number of the manufacturer on the packaging surface of the product, as well as instructions for use and a certificate of conformity. The style and color of the switch should match the overall style of the interior.

4. Look at the material

Good switch products generally use PC material, which is also called bulletproof glue, which is impact resistant, high temperature resistant, and not easy to change color. These characteristics are very important for controlling electrical switches.
The front panel and the back base of the better switch will use PC material, and the general switch will replace the PC material with black nylon material on the base, so that the cost can be reduced a lot, and the performance will be greatly reduced.

5. Look at the feel

The panel of a good switch socket requires no bubbles, scratches, and stains.
The touch of the switch is light and not tight. The jack of the socket needs to be equipped with a protective door. The plug should be inserted and pulled with a certain degree of strength, and it cannot be inserted with a single foot.
Weigh the weight of a single switch. Because only the copper in the switch is thick, the weight of a single switch will be large, and the copper inside is the most critical part of the switch. If it is an alloy or a thin copper, it will not have the same weight and quality.

6. Look at the structure

Today's switches are mainly rocker type, and the appearance and feel are better than the thumb type. The large rocker switch minimizes the contact between the hand and the panel gap and prevents accidental electric shocks caused by wet hands.

7. Look at the protection valve

Most brands of sockets on the market have protection valves, but a good socket protection valve should not be opened by inserting a single hole. Only two holes can be inserted to open the protection valve.
When choosing a socket, it is recommended to use a screwdriver or a small key to insert one side of the two holes and any one of the holes below the three holes. With a little effort, it is a unilateral protection valve that can be inserted into it, which can only play a role in preventing dust, and is not safe enough.

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