How to choose geothermal floor?

2021-04-03 16:10:00 • by deer hadware

The selection criteria of geothermal floor can be considered from the following aspects.

1. The amount of laminate flooring is suitable

Generally speaking, composite floors are more suitable for geothermal floors. Because the standard thickness of geothermal floor is 6.5 mm ~ 8.5 mm, the thickness of composite floor is mostly 6 mm to 9 mm, of which the laminate floor is mostly 6 mm to 8 mm, and the three-layer solid wood composite floor is 8 mm to 9 mm. The thermal performance is better, and there is a wear-resistant layer of aluminum oxide on the surface. This wear-resistant layer is conducive to the rapid diffusion of heat on the surface. Solid wood composite flooring retains the advantages of natural solid wood flooring, with natural texture and comfortable foot feel, but the surface abrasion resistance is not as good as laminate flooring. The base material of laminate flooring is mainly made of small-diameter materials, branch materials and adhesives, and processed through a certain production process. The floor surface is flat, the pattern is neat, the abrasion resistance is strong, the foot feels hard, and it is easy to maintain.

2. The floor cannot retain irritating odors

In the decoration pollution, the most serious direct release of pollutants is undoubtedly the panel structure and panel furniture. As the owner, it is not difficult to find out whether the wooden building materials and furniture are environmentally friendly. The legal appraisal unit has professional environmental protection temperature setting equipment, and the result can be known within a few minutes. As a see-through consumer, there is also a way to do the most different, the original is the other way. Building materials must first pass the nose, take a piece of wood, and smell it on the moving parts. If it is furniture, smell the surface of the furniture and one side of the cabinet door. If the smell is more pungent, it means that the release of a meal is relatively high, which is absolutely not. Can choose.

3. The floor must meet the certification standards

Any environmentally friendly wood must have the green building materials certification mark of the National Environmental Protection Administration. For wooden furniture, Jinying has the COC furniture product certification from Quality Certification Center. Floors and furniture need to be provided by the merchants with inspection reports from authorized institutions at or above the provincial level. It is worth noting that the inspection report must be issued by the quality inspection department of the place of sale. In addition, furniture must provide product instructions.

4. The price of the floor should be reasonable

There is a certain standard for the amount of formaldehyde emitted from wood. The current national standard for wood suitable for indoor use is E1, that is, the formaldehyde emission is 0.5 mg/liter to 15 mg. The E0 standard for formaldehyde emission less than 0.5 g/liter is the European standard. This kind of wood is currently the most environmentally friendly on the market, but the price will be more responsible.

5. Pay attention to the selection of solid wood flooring

When choosing ordinary solid wood flooring, you should try to choose a floor with a film layer on the back, because it can prevent moisture and waterproof, and can maintain the moisture content of the wood and the surrounding environment. In the same environment, solid wood flooring has more deformation than laminate flooring, so you should pay attention to dimensional stability when selecting. This depends on the base material density and internal bonding strength of the floor. The higher the internal bonding strength, the better the ability of the floor to withstand temperature changes and will not cause cracks. At the same time, since the floor for floor radiation heating requires small size changes under high humidity, and the expansion rate should be less than or equal to 25%, the floor should not be afraid of humid environments. The Yuzi geothermal floor can withstand high temperature heating for a long time, and the product's decorative layer is required to have stable performance, and it will not fade under long-term high-temperature conditions.

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