How to choose high-quality Sealant?

2021-04-05 08:17:07 • by deer hadware

1. It is best for consumers to buy branded glass glue in well-known stores.

After all, product competition in the modern market is actually brand competition. Glass glue products have already developed into the era of brand competition.
Consumers should investigate and recognize a brand in all directions. Effective registered trademarks, distinctive image recognition, such as quality assurance, reasonable price positioning, perfect sales network, thoughtful service system and many other aspects are the basis for consumer judgment.

2. You can see if the information on the packaging is complete and true

Such as factory name, date of manufacture, presence or absence of conformity certificate, quality assurance certificate, product inspection report, etc.

3. Buy a sample to test

Consumers can first buy a bottle of gum to test at home to see if the smell is unpleasant, whether there are particles and bubbles, and whether the curing time meets the product description.
The smell of good-quality glue disappears quickly during the curing process, and the sourness of poor-quality glue takes much longer to evaporate.
High-quality glue has a strong gloss after curing, and some low-quality glues have no gloss as soon as they are punched out, and some lose their gloss after curing for one or two months. The high-quality glue has extremely strong tensile force, large stretch range and high peel strength.

4. Some things to pay attention to

When using glass glue, there are some things to pay attention to, otherwise it will affect the service life of glass glue.
Ordinary glass glue has a lifespan of about 5 years. Even high-grade glass glue has a life span of only seven or eight years. Therefore, after a certain number of years, you should pay attention to whether the glass glue at home should be replaced;
Gluing should be performed by professionals to avoid uneven and uneven hits;
The adhesive surface should be free of oil, dirt and water when glueing;
Do not use the glued appliance within 24 hours after glue is applied.
The shelf life of glass glue is mostly between one year and one and a half years. The glass glue that has passed the shelf life will be unusable due to curing. The shelf life of the glass glue after opening will be shortened accordingly. The curing degree of the glass glue should be carefully checked before use.

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