Decoration of the time, how to choose high-quality floor?

2021-04-02 18:06:53 • by deer hadware

The choice of flooring materials is divided into natural wood flooring and composite flooring. Both have their own characteristics, you can choose according to your needs.
Floor decoration is the main component of home decoration, and the quality of its decoration directly affects the overall effect of home decoration.
There are many types of floor decoration materials. Here are some common floor decoration materials currently on the market for reference when purchasing.

1. Natural wood flooring

It has the characteristics of natural wood, its texture is fresh and natural, it has the advantages of good health, comfortable foot feeling, warm in winter and cool in summer.
At present, there are tongue-and-groove flooring, parquet flooring, and finger grounding boards on the market. The tongue-and-groove flooring is the most widely used in home decoration. This floor has a relatively comprehensive production technology and is an ideal home floor decoration material. The prices vary greatly due to different tree species and materials. The high-end ones include teak, red sandalwood, and rosewood; the popular ones include Jinbuhuan, Bologna, etc.; and the cheap ones include domestic wood flooring, such as Fraxinus mandshurica and oak wood.
The most satisfactory floor decoration effect is laying wooden floors. The solid wood flooring is warm and elegant, warm and soft, thermal insulation, can reduce noise, comfortable and elastic feet, and is favored by consumers.
When choosing, pay attention to observe with the naked eye whether there are mildew, fading, decay, moth, knots, splits, blunt edges, etc. on both sides of the wooden floor. At the same time, look at the color difference change, and choose the wood floor with small color difference as much as possible. Whether there are knife marks or burrs on the surface, as long as it is smooth and free of cracks. At the same time, the flatness of each side of the billboard should be measured. Only the blocks with four straight sides can be tightly stitched after being assembled to achieve the standard of flatness, squareness, uniformity and uprightness.
It is also very important to check the moisture content of the wooden floor when buying. If the moisture content of the wood floor of the same material and specification is within plus or minus 2%, it can be considered qualified.

Maintenance method of solid wood floor
Keep the floor dry, clean, and avoid contact with large amounts of water. Do not use alkaline water, soapy water and other corrosive liquids to scrub, so as not to damage the paint film. It can be wiped with a wrung out pure cotton mop. If it is stained, use steel wool to wipe it. Do not wipe it with a wet mop, gasoline, flammable materials and high-temperature liquids.
Wax once at regular intervals, and the time interval depends on the finish of the floor paint.
The method is to first wipe the floor with a semi-dry cloth and wax it, apply it evenly on the surface of the floor and make it'soaked', and then wipe it back and forth with a soft dry cloth on the floor until it is smooth and translucent. If you accidentally pour water or omit water on the ground, you must wipe it off with a dry soft cloth in time. After wiping it, do not expose it to the sun or use an electric stove to prevent it from drying too fast and the floor will crack.
After paving, the floor should be exposed to direct sunlight as much as possible to prevent the paint from drying out and aging before being exposed to excessive ultraviolet rays. Don't throw cigarette butts or matches on the floor, so as not to scorch the surface of the floor;
Avoid sharp, sharp objects scratching and long-term heavy pressure on objects. Do not cover the paved floor with plastic sheeting or newspaper if you do not live for a long time. The coating film will become sticky and lose its luster over time. At the same time, avoid objects with very high temperature directly touching the floor.

2. Laminate flooring

Composite flooring is a new material of modern technology. It is rich in the texture of solid wood flooring and the hardness of floor tiles. It is relatively inexpensive, easy to scrub, and has a long service life and is not easy to deform.
The disadvantage is that the foot feel is not good, and the grade is not as good as solid wood flooring. Pay attention to the wear resistance value when purchasing. The wear resistance value is expressed by the number of revolutions. The greater the number of revolutions, the higher the degree of wear resistance and the higher the price. When used as a room environment, a wear resistance value of 10,000 revolutions is sufficient.
When choosing color and wood grain, you must consider the size of the room, furniture color, design style and personal preferences. -Generally speaking, the room is large, and you can choose a darker color and complex wood floors. It is better to choose the room with light color and simple and elegant wood grain.
Finally, owners who purchase composite flooring should pay attention to avoiding formaldehyde damage when decorating. Therefore, it is recommended that consumers should maintain indoor ventilation for a period of time after the floor is paved; the new home should be moved into the residence one month after the decoration.

3. Super wear-resistant floor

Recently, the super wear-resistant flooring sold in home furnishing stores has the warm touch of solid wood flooring, but the price is much cheaper than solid wood flooring. The surface of the super wear-resistant floor has been specially treated, wear-resistant and waterproof, easy to clean and not easy to damage, and has a high degree of tightness after assembly, and the cracks are not easy to get dirty. It is a very good choice for families with low decoration budgets.

4. Calculation method of the number of wooden floors used

When buying wooden floors, many people don’t know how to order the area they want. Now I’ll teach you super practical
Conversion formula, as long as the formula calculation is applied, you can easily calculate the actual area required.
4.1. Measure the maximum length and width (cm) of the actual space to be laid.
4.2. Convert centimeters to meters and multiply them.
4.3. The obtained length X width-actual area.
4.4. The actual area X loss = the area to be bought at the store. (Waste refers to the edge of the wall, which will cut 3% to 5% of the wood board) It is calculated as a loss of 5%.

TIPS decoration tips
The following factors should be considered when purchasing and installing wood flooring:
1. Choose floors with different material characteristics and prices according to economic strength.
2. Inspect product packaging, manufacturers, trademarks and quality inspections, and guarantee commitments.
3. When purchasing solid wood flooring, the official product name of the flooring must be filled in the sales contract.
4. Put the corporate floor into a square and place it on a plane to check: the thickness is the same, the processing accuracy should be less than 0.5 mm; the seams are tight, and the gap is less than 0.2 mm; the diagonal error of the spliced square is less than 1 mm; the tongue-and-groove sticker The surface gap is less than 1 mm; the layout is flat and smooth, the graphics and text are clear, the color of the paint surface is uniform
5. Before laying the floor, consumers should check whether the quantity, quality, specification, color and material of the floor are consistent with the purchase requirements.
6. In principle, anyone who buys the floor will let someone lay it. Don’t lay it by yourself, so as not to shirk responsibility for quality problems afterwards, so that you don’t have to suffer.

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