How to quickly choose a refrigerator suitable for your family?

2021-04-08 14:24:30 • by deer hadware

The standards for purchasing household refrigerators can be considered from the following aspects.

1. The volume of the refrigerator

Professionals suggest that the per capita volume of 60 to 70 liters is more appropriate. Generally, a 200-liter refrigerator is better for a family of three. Of course, families with large populations, good economic conditions, and large housing areas can choose large refrigerators accordingly.

2. Refrigeration method of refrigerator

There are two types of refrigeration methods: direct cooling (with frost) and air-cooling (without frost).
The direct cooling refrigerator has good fresh-keeping and moisturizing performance, and the price is relatively cheaper;
The freezer compartment of the frost-free refrigerator is automatically defrosted, and the temperature inside the box is relatively uniform.

3. The power consumption of the refrigerator

The power consumption of a refrigerator is also a very important performance indicator. However, it should be noted that in order to achieve the best preservation effect, it is only necessary to reduce electricity consumption.
Chapter is not enough, it must have the most optimized structure and perfect refrigeration design.

4. The freezing power of the refrigerator

The refrigeration power is an important technical indicator for measuring refrigeration appliances. But the purpose of refrigeration appliances is different. The main technical performance of household refrigerators is not refrigeration, but preservation. Excessive freezing power will not only increase unnecessary electricity consumption, but also destroy the internal tissue and nutritional structure of the food.

5. The structure of the refrigerator

The trend of modern refrigerators is developing in the direction of multiple temperature zones and multiple doors. In addition to the usual freezing and refrigeration zones, there are also ice temperature zones, rapid cooling zones and even temperature change zones. These functions not only improve the quality of food refrigeration, but also are convenient to use. Multi-door refrigerators can make food refrigeration more scientific, reasonable and hygienic.

6. Choice of brand

Brand reflects the comprehensive level of an enterprise, and is usually a sign of product quality and credibility. This is why people pursue famous brands.

7. After-sales service

General refrigerators will have a certain repair rate, so it is very necessary to choose products with good after-sales service. At present, domestic refrigerator manufacturers have their own set of after-sales service standards. The comprehensiveness and thoughtfulness of the maintenance service are used to measure the after-sales service level of the manufacturer.

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