How to quickly choose an induction cooker that suits you?

2021-04-08 19:41:42 • by deer hadware

Induction cooker is favored by consumers because of its safety, health, energy saving, no less cooking, easy to use and other characteristics. However, there are many brands of induction cooker, which makes it difficult for customers to choose. Induction cooker is a high-power electrical appliance. When purchasing, we should consider the professional quality, safety, price and after-sales service. We must go to the regular shopping mall.

The quality of the top plate of induction cooker is very important. Whether the magnetic line of force penetrates through the top plate of induction cooker is directly reflected in the heating effect of induction cooker.

The authoritative people in the induction cooker industry unanimously believe that the material suitable for the induction cooker roof, "ceramic" is the best. The top plate of induction cooker made of ceramics has good heat conduction effect, full penetration of magnetic lines of force, energy saving and money saving.

The control panel of induction cooker should be of graphic design and use insulating and waterproof materials. The control panel of induction cooker with non graphic design uses metal buttons, which is easy to cause water entry into the body and affect the service life of induction cooker. In serious cases, it may cause electric shock to users and endanger life safety.

Therefore, when we buy an induction cooker, we must pay attention to whether the top plate of the induction cooker is ceramic and whether the control panel is made of PTC insulation and waterproof material. In addition, it is also very important whether the control panel is of flat design.

1. There are two types of induction cooker top plates in the market

One is the ceramic top plate, which is available in white and colorful. The induction cooker industry divides the ceramic roof into three levels according to the actual work index of the roof.

Class A is the Japanese NE g space ceramic top plate. It is a micron-level crystal. After 45 days, 1500C high temperature firing, one-time molding, high temperature resistance of 1100C, 800% cold and heat resistance, and strong impact resistance. Because of its compact structure, easy cleaning, no discoloration, sufficient magnetic force line penetration, and high thermal efficiency, the NE g space ceramic top plate is recognized as an energy-saving and clean "ambassador" by the induction cooker industry.

Grade B is a domestic special-grade white ceramic top plate. The firing cycle is about 7 days. It is fired at a temperature of 5009C ~ 600C, and then cooled and cut at a temperature of 200%. It is not a one-time molding. Although it is also white, it is prone to yellowing and discoloration. It has poor penetration of magnetic lines, low thermal efficiency, and resistance to temperature differences. In severe cases, the roof will burst, which will endanger the personal safety of consumers.

Class C is a domestically made ceramic top plate with a simpler manufacturing process. After use, it will turn yellow and change color in a short period of time, which is second to the top plate of Class B. Distinguish the ceramic top plate of A, B or C induction cooker. C-level boards can be recognized at a glance. Most of the C-level boards are printed with flowers, grass, insects, and fish on the top plate of the induction cooker. Because of their yellowing and rapid discoloration, the manufacturers print patterns to conceal their shortcomings.

Although both the B-level board and the A-level board are white, it is not difficult to distinguish them.

Grade B board is non-sub-fired and needs to be cut, so the edges are rough. Observe carefully and experience it by hand, and it will come to light immediately. In addition, comparing the two items together, the grade B board is much inferior to the grade A in terms of finish and crystal transparency, and the back side of the B grade board is dark yellow, and the front and back of the A grade board are the same.

The induction cooker is a kitchen stove. It deals with oil fume every day. The A-grade ceramic top plate is white. Even if there is dirt on it, it can be as clean as new if it is properly cleaned;

Induction cooker vendors with Class B and Class C ceramic ceilings may accept written promises that they will not change color after long-term use, can be clean as new, do not reduce thermal efficiency, and do not endanger personal safety. The other is the glass-ceramic top plate, which is black.

The glass-ceramic top plate is the same as the B-grade domestic super ceramic top plate. It is difficult to compare with the A-grade NE gram space ceramic top plate in terms of high temperature resistance, resistance to cold and heat temperature difference, impact resistance, heat conduction effect, and magnetic line penetration.

Because it is black, it will not yellow or change color. In the past, the induction cooker market has always been dominated by white ceramic top plates. In the past two years, the appearance of black ceramic top plate induction cookers has made consumers feel new and new, and follow the trend of production. There are many manufacturers of this type of top plate, and the quality is uneven, so attention should be paid when purchasing.

2. Pay attention to during the purchase process

2.1. Net selection of well-known brands

All electrical appliances in life generate radiation, and induction cookers are no exception. Although the induction cooker itself has less radiation, choosing a high-quality induction cooker will better protect your safety.

2.2. Power should be appropriate

To avoid unnecessary waste, choose an induction cooker that fits your family's use. For a family of three, buying an 800-watt induction cooker can meet the requirements. If you have a large number of people, you can choose a high-power induction cooker from 1000 to 200 watts.

2.3. The appearance of the Hua furnace surface should be smooth and undamaged

When buying, pay attention to the flatness of the stove surface. If the furnace surface is convex, concave or one side is inclined, it will affect the normal production of thermal efficiency.

2.4. The net need to personally inspect

When purchasing, you can shake the induction cooker to see if there is a gap or looseness between the fan blade and the shaft, shaft and bearing; after power on, the motor should have no obvious noise or friction sound, and the rotation of the fan blade should be smooth and without swing Phenomena such as rotation. When purchasing an induction cooker, in addition to understanding the product quality, after-sales service is also very important. Professional induction cooker brands should set up an independent customer service center in the local area, and after-sales commitments are written.

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