How to choose an air conditioner quickly and easily?

2021-04-08 19:02:17 • by deer hadware

The selection criteria for air conditioners should be considered from the following aspects.

1. Choose according to the room area

To choose an air conditioner, you must first know the actual area of your room, and you must also know the height of your room, because in addition to the area requirements, air-conditioning products will also have an impact on the heating effect due to the height of the room. It is best to tell the salesperson as much detailed room information as possible before choosing the model, including the orientation of the room, window area, various electrical products in the room, and the function of the room. ,

2. Choose a model

The brand name of the air conditioner product has the nominal cooling capacity. For example, the nominal cooling capacity of the standard 1.5 hp air conditioner is 3,500 watts. The easiest way for consumers to choose is to match the 200 watts per square meter of the household.

3. Choose an air conditioner brand

A mature brand usually means mature quality, technology and service. For some small brands, due to lack of advanced equipment, technology and talents, air conditioners often fail within a year.
In addition, miscellaneous brand manufacturers have few service outlets and poor quality of service personnel, which makes it impossible to fulfill their service promises.
Of course, the same grade brand depends on the price. The air conditioner is the home that consumes the most electricity, and its use cost is much higher than the price.

4. Visual inspection

The surface of the sheet metal parts should have anti-corrosion treatment, the color of the plated parts should be bright and uniform, without peeling, pinholes, variegation and scratches, and the surface of the sprayed parts should be free of peeling, air bubbles, missing coating, exposed primer, flow marks, wrinkles and Scratches and other damages: The surface of the plastic parts is smooth, uniform color, fine processing, no cracks and damage. The components in the machine are installed firmly and reliably, and there is no collision between the pipelines or between the pipelines and adjacent parts. The manual knobs and buttons on the panel are flexible, and do not loosen or slide: the buttons on the remote control and remote control are flexible, and the buttons do not get stuck in position.

5. Air deflector and filter

The left and right movements of the air deflector installed vertically inside, and the up and down movement of the horizontally installed air deflector on the outside should be free, not too tight or too loose. The slats can be stopped at any position and will not spontaneously. Shift.
The movable panel in front of the filter should be opened and closed freely, the left and right push panels will not fall off, and it is easy to reset and tighten when closed; the filter is pulled, pushed, and jammed normally, and the net itself is not damaged.

6. Power-on inspection

There is no abnormal vibration and collision sound when starting up, and the running noise should not be too loud. When it is turned on for a few minutes to cool, the surface of the outdoor side condenser should gradually become hot, with hot air blowing out;
The indoor air is cold. After stable operation, the difference between the temperature at the air outlet on the indoor side and the indoor temperature must not be less than 8 degrees Celsius. When the air volume is the same, the greater the temperature difference, the better the cooling effect;
Use the test pen to touch the exposed metal surface of the condenser, etc., there should be no induction or leakage to make the pen flash; adjust the wind speed selection button, or the wind speed button of the remote control, should blow out different air volumes, and the noise should be smaller at low speeds.
When the split machine is running, the outer horizontal air guide strip can swing up and down freely within a certain angle, and can be closed and reset when shutting down. It can be installed and operated for 1 hour. If the drain pipe is not blocked, the water pan has no cracks and sand holes, and the installation is correct, condensate water It should not drip indoors.

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