How to choose a household vacuum cleaner?

2021-04-10 12:16:04 • by deer hadware

When purchasing, you can choose the vacuum cleaner specifications from the structure shape, motor capacity, and whether the functions used are in line with the actual usage. For households, a vacuum cleaner of 400 to 600 watts is more appropriate. This type of vacuum cleaner is sufficient to remove dust from household carpets and other places.

1. How to choose a vacuum cleaner

1.1. According to your preference and financial resources, first decide whether to buy imported or domestic vacuum cleaners.

1.2. According to your favorite and purpose, decide to buy a barrel type, a trolley type or a combined type.

1.3. From the information feedback in the sales practice, the best vacuum cleaner quality (excluding price and maintenance factors) is the imported vacuum cleaner (the imported vacuum cleaner currently available on the market, regardless of the brand, except for human factors, out of the box The qualification rate is almost 100%, and the maintenance rate is close to 0), followed by domestic vacuum cleaners equipped with imported mainframes (the service life of imported mainframes is more than 500 hours, which is much higher than that of domestic mainframes).

1.4. Look at the surface finish of the plastic parts (including the finish of the accessories), and see how the mold is opened (whether the edges and corners of the plastic casing and accessories are clear, beautiful and neat). If it is a plastic cylinder, check whether there are cracks in the simplified body, and also pay attention to whether the connection between the upper and lower cylinders is fastened. Is it sealed between?

1.5. Test the suction with the palm of your hand. After checking the appearance, power on the vacuum cleaner, there will be a suction sound after power on. When the suction port of the vacuum cleaner is blocked by the hand, the noise of the motor is obviously increased. At this time, the hand will feel a huge suction force. When the hand is removed, it will feel very laborious. It should be noted that after the vacuum cleaner is powered on, there should only be the sound of wind, the smaller the sound of the whole machine, the better, and there should be no other noise; Some vacuum cleaners are equipped with a power recovery device. When selecting, you must pull out all the power cords, and then press the cord-retracting switch to see if it retracts all the power cords. Finally, check the accessories of the vacuum cleaner according to the instruction manual, and there should be no missing parts.

1.6. See if the functions are complete The more functions, the more convenient it is to use Look at the power (the greater the power, the faster the speed, and the greater the suction, which can save time and improve efficiency). Since the vacuum cleaner only lasts a few minutes each time, the power consumption is not large, so there is no need to take the power consumption factor into consideration.

1.7. Know the price The price of vacuum cleaners is a market-adjusted price, which can fluctuate up and down: because of the different purchase channels of each store, the purchase price is different, and there will be different selling prices, even high and low disparity. It is recommended that when buying, go to a few more shops and buy at a low price, without losing money.

2. Use and maintenance of vacuum cleaner

2.1. When the vacuum cleaner is working, keep the air duct and filter system well ventilated, and clean up the debris that blocks the air duct in time to avoid blockage of the air duct and cause the motor to malfunction.

2.2. Most vacuum cleaners use series-excited motors, which have high power and high speed, so the continuous use time should not be too long, preferably not more than 1 hour.

2.3. During use, if you find that the sound of the vacuum cleaner becomes low, the vacuuming effect becomes poor, and the indicator point in the dust volume indicator reaches the warning (red) area, please pay attention to check whether the vacuum cleaner bag is full or the filter screen Whether it is too dirty, replace the dust bag and filter regularly to maintain the high efficiency of the vacuum cleaner.

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